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Cambridge May Ball 2019…

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th June, being loyal to their traditions, Cambridge Students celebrated the end of their academic studies at Trinity and St John’s Ball.

The tradition of the May Balls in Cambridge goes back to the 1830s, with the first official one being the First and Third Trinity Boat Club May Ball in 1866. Back then, it was held as a celebration of the May Bumps – a set of rowing races, held annually on the River Cam in Cambridge. Today, May Ball means the end of Cambridge Students’ studies – hence freedom and happiness… finally after years of hard work… Theses balls are nevertheless the most elegant and fanciest party of the year to attend, so for most these are the highlight of their academic calendar. The Colleges get decorated with colourful lights, perfect music is played, chilled drinks are served and the University Students look fabulous dressed up in their ‘black tie’ attire. Graduates wearing beautiful dresses and elegant suits give colour to Cambridge’s streets even hours before the gates open at 7.30pm – and the glamour goes on until the next morning.

Of course, the best part of the Cambridge May Ball’s is the Fireworks display, which is most enjoyed, watching from the punts below. The Fireworks usually commence at around 22.30, when the sun goes down and it gets completely dark. The River Cam is crowded by a mixture of small and large boats completely packed by people. Having a drink and watching the sun go down from the river in from of the most famous University of England is an unique experience.

May Ball 2019

This year, the may ball 2019 fireworks were breathtaking. Fantastic hits were played such as, ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and ‘The Greatest Show’ from The Greatest Showman, were synchronised with the fireworks themselves creating a spectacular for all who was watching. The weather was just perfect at Trinity, and although the heavens opened before St John’s Ball, it magically stopped just in time for our customers to embark upon the punts. The Cambridge May Ball’s are an absolute must, if you are a Cambridge Resident as well as a tourist; as it offers you a realistic Cambridge Student Experience.

Trinity Ball | Fireworks | Traditional Punting Company

And that’s not all, the fireworks might end, but the river fun still goes on with the annual competition between the punters to get their boat back to the punting station first!… It is funny to see how everybody just wants to get back to shore as soon as possible after spending hours on the river – which is, of course impossible. It is an event that we love to be apart of every year, especially to see our customers in awe of the Firework displays, that lights up the River Cam on these special evenings.

Posted on June 24th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company