All things Punting in Cambridge this Half Term

Looking for friendly activities to do in half term? Read below!

Unlocking the Full Potential of Half-Term Fun with Punting in Cambridge: Tips, Activities, and More!

As February half-term approaches, parents often find themselves pondering the eternal question: “What shall we do?” Well, fret not! The Traditional Punting Company is here to offer you a treasure trove of ideas and experiences that will transform your February break into a captivating adventure. Join us in picturesque Cambridge for an array of family-oriented private and shared punting tours, and discover how to make the most of this special time with your loved ones.


Shared Punting Tours: Perfect for Families

At the Traditional Punting Company, we wholeheartedly recognise the significance of family time, and our shared punting tours are thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of families like yours. To enhance your punting experience and cater to various family sizes and dynamics, we proudly offer an array of family-friendly discounted punting options, ensuring that everyone can partake in the magic of punting along the tranquil River Cam.

Our family-oriented tickets include:

  • Group Ticket for Up to 4 People (Including 1 Child Under 5 on a Lap): This ticket option is perfect for small families seeking a memorable punting experience. It accommodates up to 3 individuals, plus one child under 5 years old seated comfortably on an adult’s lap.
  • Group Ticket for Up to 6 People (With a Maximum of 3 Adults Over 18): If you have a slightly larger family or wish to include friends, this group ticket is an excellent choice. It offers seating for up to 6 passengers, with a maximum of 3 adults (over 18) in the group, ensuring that your family can share the joy of punting together.
  • Group Ticket for Up to 7 People (Including 1 Child Under 5 on a Lap): For larger families or those looking to invite additional guests, our group ticket for up to 7 people is an outstanding option. It allows seating for a group of 6 individuals, with the added convenience of accommodating a further child under 5 years old comfortably on an adult’s lap.

These family tickets not only ensure you receive the best rates for our morning tours departing before 11 am but also prioritise the inclusion of all family members. We understand that little ones under 1 year old are truly precious, and they are classified as “babes in arms.” While they are not included in the head count, please know that they are very welcome on our punting tours. Our goal is to make your family’s punting experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

Prioritising Safety: Life Jackets and More

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Before you step aboard our punts, our friendly and attentive staff will be on hand to assist you. Whether you have prams, buggies, or luggage in tow, we can help ensure these items are safely stored during your tour. While we cannot assume responsibility for your belongings due to the bustling nature of the landing area, rest assured that we will take care of them. For an added layer of peace of mind, we provide life jackets for children. A simple call ahead of your tour, and we’ll have these life jackets ready for your little ones.

children wearing lifejackets sitting on a traditional punting in front of a bridge

Picnicking Afloat: A Gourmet Adventure

To enhance your private punting tour, consider indulging in a delightful picnic experience. Our diverse selection of picnic services includes the refined Harriets Afternoon Tea and a communal Deli-Style picnic, ideal for sharing. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own delectable treats onboard from local shops. Families will find our brunch-style sharing picnic particularly enchanting, featuring an assortment of freshly baked delights. Imagine croissants, pan au chocolat, waffles, granola bowls with yogurt and fruit, and more. As you savor these scrumptious offerings, your children can soak in the stunning vistas of the River Cam. Here, ducks, swans, and herons grace the waters, providing an educational and awe-inspiring experience for the little ones.

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Activities Around Our Landing Stage

While awaiting your punting tour, the surroundings of our landing stage offer numerous activities and sights to explore. Take in the expansive scenic views, providing the perfect backdrop for a leisurely and joyful wait. Alternatively, engage in family-friendly fun at the nearby Jesus Green park, just a stone’s throw away from your enlightening punting adventure. Jesus Green boasts a plethora of activities for families, including public tennis courts, a skate park, and complimentary table tennis. Convenience is key, with free public restrooms and a refreshments kiosk located just a short stroll from the landing stage.

Cultural and Artistic Exploration in Cambridge

For families seeking enriching cultural experiences, Kettle’s Yard is an absolute must-visit destination in Cambridge. This modern and contemporary art gallery is affiliated with the University of Cambridge and regularly hosts diverse exhibits. It welcomes visitors between Tuesday and Sunday, from 11 am to 5 pm. Originally envisioned by Jim Ede as a guided visit for students within his own home during the academic term, Kettle’s Yard evolved in 1970 when architects Sir Leslie Martin and David Owers expanded and transformed the space into an exhibition gallery.

Nature Enthusiasts’ Haven: Anglesey Abbey Gardens

After a peaceful punting adventure, venture to Anglesey Abbey Gardens, a picturesque haven located just 20 minutes outside Cambridge. This breathtaking location boasts multiple walking paths and a variety of gardens and open spaces where children can explore and play to their heart’s content. While the house may be closed during the off-peak season due to weather conditions, the gardens remain open, providing an idyllic setting for a family outing. Be sure to visit the Woodland play area and gift shop, both offering a diverse range of activities for casual family enjoyment. It’s worth noting that admission prices may fluctuate for adults and children during the off-peak season, but Anglesey Abbey Gardens consistently delivers a memorable outdoor experience for all.

Top Tips for Punting with Children During Half-Term

Punting in Cambridge during half-term is a delightful adventure for families. To make the most of your experience, here are some top tips:

  1. Book in Advance: Ensure you secure your punting tour by booking in advance, especially during busy half-term periods – by booking online you also receive a discounted rate.
  2. Dress Comfortably: Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Layered clothing is a good choice for fluctuating temperatures. Punting goes ahead in all weathers so be prepared.
  3. Pack Essentials: Bring essentials like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for sunny days, and don’t forget umbrellas and raincoats for wet weather.
  4. Snacks and Refreshments: Carry some snacks and water for the kids to keep them energised during the tour.
  5. Educational Fun: Encourage your children to observe and learn about the wildlife along the River Cam. Bring binoculars or bird identification books for an educational twist. Or even purchase our scavenger hunts for them to get involved further.
  6. Capture the Moments: Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the beautiful scenery and precious moments with your family.
  7. Arrive Early: Arriving a little early for your tour gives you time to explore the surroundings and get settled comfortably.

Special February Punting Events and Promotions

While punting in Cambridge is an incredible experience year-round, February offers some special events and promotions that can enhance your visit:

  1. Valentine’s Day Punting: For the parents out there if you’re visiting around Valentine’s Day, consider a romantic punt with your loved one.
  2. Half-Term Discounts: keep an eye out for further discounts or family packages during half-term.
  3. Themed Tours: Look for themed punting tours that align with the season or special events happening in Cambridge. These can add an extra layer of fun to your outing.
  4. Extended Operating Hours: to fit in everything there is to see and do in Cambridge, we do extend our operating hours slightly, allowing you to enjoy the river from early in the morning to dusk to make sure you can fit punting into your itinerary.

Overall, February half-term in Cambridge can be a magical experience for families. With punting adventures along the River Cam, visits to cultural gems like Kettle’s Yard, your holiday promises unforgettable moments. Follow our tips, and keep an eye out for special events and promotions to make the most of your February punting adventure. We, the Traditional Punting Company, are here to ensure your family has a fantastic time in our charming city of Cambridge.

Posted on February 10th, 2023, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor