BBC Children in Need 2019


BBC Children In Need


On the 2nd of November, we organised a 12 hour-long ‘Punt-A-Thon’ on a decorated Polka-Dot Pudsey Punt which was kindly donated by Footprint Signs and Graphics . The aim of this charity event was to raise funds for BBC Children In Need. The BBC’s UK corporate charity that kindly supports projects around the country that makes a difference in disadvantaged children and young people’s lives.

Pudsey Bear

Our 12 hour ‘Punt-A-Thon’ was a fundraiser for this amazing UK charity. Our aim was to raise as much money as we could to help support the Children In Need projects that take place all around the UK. During an interview with That’s TV Cambridge, Zoe Smith, one of the Traditional Punting Company Directors added. ‘[…] We have the means to potentially make a bit more money than what we could do personally, so we thought it might be a great way to do so.’ In fact this charity event, organised by both companies, was a first on the River Cam and furthermore it was successful.

The yellow Polka Pot Punt was ready to set sail at 8am with dressed up chauffeurs, wearing Pudsey t-shirts and ears. Thanks to BBC Cambridgeshire, Pudsey Bear himself came down to surprise everyone. Pudsey joined one of the tours, playing games with the Children on the boat. He was also singing and dancing during the entire journey up and down the river. We also gave our customers some Pudsey Ears and Stickers to wear whilst on their punt tour. We wanted everyone to feel like they were involved and a part of this charity event. The day went by really quickly, but the happy memories of our ‘Punt-A-Thon’ will remain forever. Since it feels good to do good.


The success of our Punt-A-Thon will go towards the fantastic work of the various projects supported by Children In Need. Unfortunately on the day, the weather was not our friend, and rain showers appeared throughout the morning. Regardless of the weather conditions, our Polka Dot Pudsey punt, chauffeured families with children and groups of friends along the River Cam as they joined in with our fundraiser during the 12 hour period. All ticket sales went directly to the charity and we managed to raised a grand total of £811 during the first ever ‘Punt-A-Thon’. We couldn’t feel prouder of such lovely acts of kindness from all who were involved on the day.

The ‘Punt-A-Thon’ made it onto the BBC Kev Lawrence Breakfast Show, on Monday, the 04 November 2019. What’s more, some of our staff, will be going along to the East Region broadcast for the annual BBC Children in Need Appeal Day. This takes place this year on Friday 15th November.

Appeal Night

For those who couldn’t make it to our fundraising event this year, but would still like to make a difference in children’s lives, the good news is that the BBC accepts donations all year round. If you’d like to get additional information about BBC Children in Need and other ways to get involved, click here. You can also support BBC Children In Need during their annual Appeal Night, when their national telethon show broadcasts on the BBC. During the evening the regional BBC TV teams will broadcast all across the UK. Showcasing the fundraising efforts and projects that have been involved in this years Children In Need.

Here’s a video of our Punt-A-Thon. We hope that this inspires and reminds you that small acts of kindness create great things. To make a difference to some else’s life.

Posted on November 5th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company