Best Christmas songs of all time

Do you have your Christmas playlist ready?

Christmas is Coming!

Music is proven to play an important role in our modern society. It is the perfect background for any occasion or specific moment. It is also the motivational mood booster to face daily challenges. Significantly, good playlists will boost peoples enthusiasm and festive mood within society. As Christmas is one of the clearest examples of the importance of music. In spite of it only taking place on the 25th of December, it seems safe to say that as soon as Halloween is over, it is Christmas. Time to tune in to the best Christmas songs of all time with the Traditional Punting Company!

Feeling Festive listening to Christmas Songs…

Put on our favourite Christmas songs, wearing Christmas jumpers and decorating our homes is what Christmas is all about. As a society, we have clearly managed to extend this season, not only as a marketing strategy but also as a reminder to be kinder, friendlier and to be more focused on family and friends. In other words, we seem to keep finding new opportunities to celebrate one of the most wonderful times of the year. All whilst playing the best Christmas songs.

On the other hand, even the ‘Scrooges’ among us or those who are the most sceptical, end up singing along to Christmas tunes regardless of the fact that they are being played in November. Actually they start to fancy their regular take away coffees in festive paper cups and even get their pack of mince pies at the nearest supermarket.

Evidently music is key to build up the festive spirit. For instance, hearing Johnny Mathis singing it is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ while shopping or Duke Ellington ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ whilst driving. Surely your inner self starts to feel excited, looking forward to the festive season ahead. Sooner rather than later you will even notice that you are actually singing along to the lyrics, whilst creating your perfect Christmas playlist. It is now the time to gather the best Christmas songs together, ready to play on the big day.

Every single Christmas Playlist is special!

For this reason we each Christmas moment must have its own Christmas playlist, and all quirky genres are welcome to get everyone in the spirit. Therefore, it is important that each playlist should be personalised. Whether you are creating a playlist for your staff Christmas’ party, or for your friends Christmas’ lunch or even for Christmas night at your family’s home. Regardless of the occasion you do need to include at least some of the ‘all time classics’. So, in our opinion, this is our top 5 Christmas songs:

  1. Mariah Carey ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’
  2. Paul McCartney ‘Wonderful Christmastime’
  3. Frank Sinatra ‘Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!’
  4. Bruce Springsteen ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’
  5. Natalie Taylor ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’

There are some really good platforms to play some of the best Christmas Playlists, such as YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. Spotify even offers you an official ‘Happy Holidays’ genre file where you can find the best Christmas songs of all times. This file offers a diverse range of playlists, suitable for each and every occasion, such as ‘Christmas is Coming’, ‘Christmas Hits’, ‘Kids Christmas Party Classics’ and so many more.

So, to conclude, there is no excuse not make your Christmas Merry. It is time to turn on your Christmas playlist and start ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’. We only celebrate Christmas once a year, so embrace the festivities and enjoy it because Christmas is, indeed, ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’!

Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 8th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company