Best things to do in Cambridge for a romantic weekend away

The Ultimate Guide to a Romantic Weekend in Cambridge

Cambridge, with its historic charm and picturesque landscapes, is the ideal destination for a romantic weekend getaway. From its iconic university to its quaint streets, this city offers a plethora of activities perfect for couples. Imagine punting along the serene River Cam, exploring centuries-old colleges, and dining in intimate restaurants – all setting the perfect stage for romance. Whether you are seeking a quiet retreat or an adventure-filled escape, Cambridge has something to offer every couple. In this guide, we’ve curated the best things to do in Cambridge to make your romantic weekend unforgettable.

Best things to do in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge: A Romantic Must-Do

No visit to Cambridge is complete without experiencing a punting tour on the River Cam. Punting offers a serene and intimate way to explore the city’s scenic college backs. At the Traditional Punting Company, we provide private punting tours tailored for romance. Snuggle up with your loved one as you glide past historic colleges, under iconic bridges, and enjoy the serene beauty of the river. For an extra touch of romance, book a private tour during the week of Valentine’s Day, complete with a complimentary box of chocolates which can be bought here.

Strolling Through Cambridge’s Historic Streets

For couples who enjoy leisurely walks, Cambridge’s historic streets provide a perfect setting. Begin your stroll at Trinity Lane, known for its picturesque views and charming architecture. Wander hand-in-hand through cobbled streets and discover hidden gems around every corner. If you prefer nature over architecture, head to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Spend a tranquil afternoon exploring the lush gardens, vibrant flora, and serene water features, making it an ideal spot for a romantic date.

Exploring Cambridge’s Museums and Art Galleries

Cambridge is rich in cultural experiences, offering numerous museums and art galleries. The Fitzwilliam Museum is a must-visit, boasting a vast collection of art and antiquities. Explore the museum’s impressive exhibits hand-in-hand, and immerse yourselves in centuries of art and history. Other notable mentions include the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Kettle’s Yard gallery, each offering unique and enriching experiences.

A couple enjoys a celebratory moment during a chauffeured punting tour in Cambridge. The woman pours champagne into a glass held by the man, both smiling broadly. The scene is set against the backdrop of Trinity College Bridge. In the foreground, the champagne and glass are sharply focused, while other punting tours in the distance are artistically blurred

Where to Stay: Luxurious Accommodations in Cambridge

Choosing the right accommodation is key to a perfect romantic weekend. Cambridge offers a range of luxurious and cozy options to suit every couple’s preference.

The Gonville Hotel

Overlooking Parker’s Piece, The Gonville Hotel is a top choice for couples seeking a blend of luxury and comfort. This 4-star hotel boasts elegantly designed rooms that provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The hotel’s attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your stay is perfect, from the plush bedding to the exquisite decor. Guests can also indulge in the on-site spa facilities at Gresham House Wellness. With three beautifully appointed treatment rooms, the spa offers a variety of Germain De Capuccini treatments that promise relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply want to unwind, the spa experience here is not to be missed.

The University Arms Hotel

Another excellent option is The University Arms Hotel, which combines historic charm with modern luxury. Located on Regent Street, this iconic hotel has been welcoming guests since 1834 and recently underwent a comprehensive refurbishment. The elegantly designed rooms offer stunning views of Parker’s Piece or the hotel’s inner courtyard. The hotel also features the Parker’s Tavern, a quintessentially British brasserie where you can enjoy classic dishes crafted with local ingredients. The University Arms’ luxurious amenities and prime location make it an ideal choice for a romantic getaway.

Outdoor garden at Gonville Hotel in Cambridge, adorned with colorful bunting. The seating area features stylish umbrellas providing shade and deck chairs arranged neatly on the lawn. This inviting space is perfect for both hotel and non-hotel guests to relax and enjoy.

Where to Eat: Cambridge’s Culinary Delights

Cambridge’s culinary scene is thriving, with a variety of restaurants offering intimate dining experiences perfect for a romantic evening.


Situated on Mill Road, Fancett’s is a hidden gem that promises a memorable dining experience. This cozy restaurant offers a small but exquisite menu that changes with the seasons, ensuring the freshest ingredients and flavors. The intimate setting, combined with the exceptional cuisine, makes it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner. Be sure to book in advance, as Fancett’s popularity means it fills up quickly.

Midsummer House

For a truly exceptional dining experience, consider Midsummer House, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant located on the banks of the River Cam. This elegant establishment offers a tasting menu that showcases the best of modern British cuisine, crafted with precision and creativity. The beautiful garden setting and impeccable service ensure a dining experience that is both luxurious and intimate, perfect for a special occasion.

196 Cocktail Bar

For a more casual yet equally romantic evening, 196 Cocktail Bar offers a cozy atmosphere and an impressive array of cocktails. This intimate venue is known for its innovative drinks, such as the Tobacco Old Fashioned and the Cadillac Margarita. The relaxed ambiance and friendly staff make it a great place to unwind and enjoy a quiet night out with your partner.

When to Visit Cambridge

Cambridge is beautiful year-round, but certain times offer a more intimate experience. For fewer crowds and milder weather, plan your visit in April, May, September, or October. These months allow you to enjoy the city’s charm without the hustle and bustle of peak tourist season. Whether you visit in spring, when the gardens are in full bloom, or in autumn, when the leaves turn vibrant hues, Cambridge always provides a stunning backdrop for romance


From punting on the River Cam to exploring historic streets and museums, Cambridge offers endless romantic activities. Plan your weekend to include luxurious stays, intimate dining, and scenic walks to create unforgettable memories with your loved one. Book your romantic punting tour with the Traditional Punting Company today and experience the magic of Cambridge from the best seat in town.

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