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  • A chauffeured tour in a private punt seating a maximum of either 6 or 12 people
  • Tours will last approximately 50 minutes
  • We have introduced a messaging service to let our customers know when their boat is ready to depart, to prevent queues and crowds at our punting station
  • If you would like to instead book a Private Section on a Shared Tour please click here
  • Please make sure to enter your mobile number correctly when booking online. If you have an international phone number please enter the country code
  • You can also add a Harriets Afternoon Cream Tea picnic to your private tour please call us on 01223 782306 to book
  • See full price list below

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  • Your tour will last approximately 50 minutes
  • Book your departure time online
  • There are 4 options available either: 2 seats (1 row), 3 seats (1 row), 6 seats (2 rows) or 9 seats (3 rows)
  • The use of perspex screens have been added to our punts, where required, for social distancing
  • We use dynamic pricing to offer you the best rate online
  • Avoid the queues by booking online