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Want to see Cambridge like a local?


Our award-winning Cambridge Audio Tour App is perfect for visitors who want to explore the city in their language.

The app has English, Mandarin, and Cantonese audio tours to accompany your Cambridge punting experience. However, more languages are due to be released on the app soon.

Download our free Cambridge Audio Tour App today.

What is the Cambridge Audio Tour App?

You can enhance your punting experience with the Cambridge Audio Tour App. It allows you to listen to audio tours in several languages to learn more about the buildings and landmarks you’ll see on tour.

The app is free to use when you book with the Traditional Punting Company, and it’s a great way to ensure you don’t miss anything while enjoying the sights of Cambridge.

How does the punting tour app work?

Start the app when you are ready to begin your tour. As you punt down the river, the audio will automatically begin playing. So while you enjoy the view, you can listen to relevant sections. You will enjoy exploring Cambridge with the Cambridge Audio Tour App.

The tour starts at the company’s departure point. Then, it takes guests along the river to see famous sights, including The Bridge of Sighs, Kings College and the Mathematical Bridge. While punting, they can listen to relevant audio sections from the tour. The audio tour provides exciting and fun facts about the buildings along the route.

When you have limited time or want to learn more about Cambridge’s history and culture, this is an excellent way to explore the city. It is also ideal for families with young children who may be unable to stay focused during a more extended tour.

Where do we start our punting tour?

We begin our tour at La Mimosa, near Jesus Green. The Traditional Punting Company will supply you with a code allowing you to download and use the app for free once you have booked online.

You will see seven historic riverside colleges and nine bridges during the tour. Famous sights include the Mathematical Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs and Kings College. The relevant audio section will be available for playing while punting along the river. There will also be some fun and exciting information about the beautiful buildings.


What are people saying about the Cambridge Audio Tour App?

Thank you Alex L for an informative and amusing trip up and down the river. We were very impressed with your punting skills and given this was your first day of the season, hope you don’t ache too much today. 😁 Thoroughly recommend this short excursion. 👍🏻


This is not a review of the app, but of the tour I was on today. Our punter was a young student from the University of Kent- living in Ely. He was very knowledgeable, entertaining and will advise all my friends to ask for him when they book.


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