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University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is a world-renowned institution which comprises 31 Colleges. Founded in 1209 & granted a royal charter by King Henry III in 1231, it is the world’s fourth-oldest university.

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Cambridge strives to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning & research at the highest standard of excellence. The esteemed University is not only known for its academic prowess but also for its vast wealth, estimated to be in the region of 11.8 billion.

Insights about this renowned institution

Even though this is the fourth oldest university of the world, it is the second oldest in the UK, with Oxford being the oldest. Like Oxford, Cambridge University is a collegiate public research university. It was established by an association of scholars who had left Oxford University during a period of conflict between the church and the state in 1209.

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A generation later, in 1231, both Cambridge and Oxford received charters from Henry III which exempted the Universities from taxes. Two years later a Bull from Pope Gregory IX granted the graduates the right to teach everywhere. It was these historical events which paved the University’s success.

Notably, these days, Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the whole world. Only the finest core of students get to study at one of the 100 academic departments throughout the city. Specialising in a wide range of subjects, Cambridge University offer very best in graduate and post graduate education.

In addition to all the academic departments, Cambridge University is also home to eight scientific and cultural museums. The university has a collection of over fifteen million books of which their library displays eight million books on its shelves.

Overall, besides being listed as the second best university in the world, by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2017, its’ award collection is endless. From the total of  110 Nobel Prizes to the 6 Turing awards, amoungst many others. Moreover a total of 15 PMs, an endless number of renowned mathematicians, lawyers, politicians, actors and international heads of state.

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This is Cambridge!

When visiting the city the spectacle of the University is plain to see, with grand architecture & historical beauty at every turn. On one hand, students tend to fill the streets of our city within the colleges respective open days. On the other hand, tourists pack our city with their curiosity to visit and explore the colleges of Cambridge University.

Evidently, the best place to explore the University of Cambridge is along the River Cam, as the most popular colleges sit on its banks. If you wish to view this prestigious institution from no better vantage point then do take part in an informative guided punting tour along the Colleges Backs. You can even book your punting tour tickets below to receive huge discounts compared to buying your tickets on the day, or if you have any questions about visiting Cambridge you can call our friendly team on 01223782306.

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