Celebrities on the River Cam

Celebrities on the River Cam

We all love a good celebrity visit, and on the River Cam we are exactly the same, we love a celebrity sighting! And through the years, we have been surprisingly delighted with some special visits, see it for yourself!


The Beckham’s Family Day Out

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To start us off, the first celebrity spotted was David Beckham. All the way back in 2015, David and Victoria Beckham brought their children on a day trip to Cambridge and spent an hour on the river Cam. By the looks of it they even had a go themselves!

On their visit to Cambridge Brooklyn was lucky enough to meet Stephen Hawking!


Stephen Fry

Next up we have Stephen Fry, who returned to Cambridge to visit Cambridge University, and his old college, Queens.

Whilst Stephen Fry himself is a highly educated man his talents do not seem to lie with punting! Images show that he seemed to be struggling to not fall into the river!


DJ James Whale, Lloyd Grossman and a Curry…

James and Lloyd decided to take a punt with a curry to raise awareness of Britain’s Biggest Curry Party. The Curry Party raise money for The James Whale Kidney Cancer Fund.

The Fund is now known today as Kidney Cancer UK and has become the UK’s leading specialist kidney cancer charity. They aim to reduce the harm caused by kidney cancer by spreading awareness and increasing people’s knowledge so they can notice the early warning signs and get treatment faster.

They have also set up a Patient Support Network and Careline for patients to be able to access support. They offer advice, information and support to people with a kidney cancer diagnosis and also their carers.

If you wish to read more about Kidney Cancer UK, then you can head on over to their website https://www.kcuk.org.uk/ and read up on it!


Josh Pieters – The YouTube Legend

This summer the River Camb had a visit from Josh Pieters who is a youtube content creator, most famous for the prank he played on Katie Hopkins. Now we won’t get too political as Katie is a controversial person within the media but if you haven’t seen the video it is hysterical.

Josh and Archie, who co host the channel together, have a series of videos of tricking influencers and famous people into promoting gravel, accepting fake awards, and so much more.

So if you like a good laugh then I recommend checking out their channel, https://www.youtube.com/c/joshpieters


Nancy Pelosi 

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi decided to come punting in Cambridge this September! She came along with her husband and her LARGE security team. They flooded the riverside and it was very exciting to have someone of her prowess on our river.

Nancy Pelosi serves as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and Pelosi is the only woman in all of the United States history to serve as speaker of the House. So not only is she a hard working member of Congress but she is also a role model to young women looking to go into politics.


Arsene Wenger

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Back in 20218, at age 68, Arsene Wenger came down to one of our private punting tours. The French football manager and former player seemed to have enjoyed the company of his friends and family throughout the duration of his punting tour.


So we may only be a small part of Cambridge but we have had some pretty inspiring people visit our little part of the world.

Posted on October 31st, 2021, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor