Happy Chinese New Year!

2020, Chinese Year of the Rat.

All you should know about the Chinese New Year

The traditional Chinese New Year is arguably the most important festival in the Chinese calendar. In fact, this is most commonly known as the Spring Festival, once this is also when it is celebrated the end of the winter season, welcoming the spring. In addition, this festival is also for families to get together, enjoying big feasts while celebrating their rituals and customs. Therefore, during this festive season, it is important to congratulate each other for the hard work and the efforts for the hard work they have put into their lives during the year. In conclusion, this always changing day is an opportunity to pray to Gods for a good planting and harvest season.

This Chinese Lunar Year is the year of the Rat!

Each year is related to one of the 12 zodiac Chinese signs. Moreover, the legend says that the order of the animals of the Chinese zodiac signs is based on a race. Thus, after the race, Emperor Jade ranked them as the following: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Besides, these signs are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, changing on a twelve-year cycle. In conclusion, 2020 is a brand new cycle, hence this is the year of the first animal of the zodiac.


Traditional Ritual for the Upcoming Season:

Notably, Chinese culture is based on lots of different traditions and rituals to attract good luck, meanwhile sending away bad charms. In particular, during this time of the year. In other words, there’s a set of things that need to be done before, others during and also some after the Spring Festival.

Therefore, as a preparation for the news cycle, it is important to deep clean one’s homes, in order to sweep the bad luck away. In the same order of ideas, it’s also important to decorate your house in shades of red. Hence, red is a colour that symbolises good luck. Not only attacking the good luck but also scaring away monsters, once it is traditionally known as an invaluable weapon.

Furthermore, it is also a good luck custom that children receive money in red envelopes. However, there’s not an exact amount of money to be given, it is believed that given an amount related to the traditional lucky numbers is key to help kids succeed in the upcoming New Year. Those lucky numbers are the ones that include 6 and 8. Hence, 6 is related to smooth success and 8 to gaining wealth.


Chinese New Year around the World:

In reality, this festive season is the largest cause of human migration. Not only because 1 out of 5 people in the world is Chinese, but also because this is a really important time of the year, in Chinese culture, to reunite with family. Nevertheless, these celebrations are becoming more and more popular around other big cities around the world. For instance, Chinatown in London hosts the largest festivities outside Asia. On the 26th of January, to welcome the new year, there will be spectacular parades, lively stage performances, dragon dances and loads of traditional food to be served. The festivities will last all day long from Trafalgar Square to the West End zones.


Happy New Year of the Rat!

新        年        快        乐

Posted on January 22nd, 2020, by the Traditional Punting Company