Christmas Punt and Hunt 2021

Cambridge Christmas Events

After the success and wonderful feedback we had from our Halloween Punt and Hunt package we wanted to create a new version for this festive season. So this Christmas we are introducing our new Christmas Scavenger Hunt and Punt!

Our Christmas themed scavenger hunt is a fun day out for all the family, with interactive questions that take you all over the city and a sweet treat for you to collect at the end!

We all know that the run up to Christmas can be hectic and it can be hard to come up with things to do that the whole family can enjoy. Which is why our festive Punt and Hunt experience should be one of your family days out this advent countdown.

Our scavenger hunt has 2 parts, the first part is on the river, during one of our top-rated punting tours and the second part is around the city; following clues and searching for answers (make sure to key an eye out for an elf or two)!

Christmas Punt and Hunt, Visit Cambridge, festive punting, Christmas scavenger hunt

Punt and Hunt

You will be given your Christmas activity booklet and scavenger hunt at our departure location, and you’ll start this festive experience on a chauffeured punt tour! There are 6 activities/questions that you’ll need to find the answers to during your punting tour, so make sure that you are listening carefully and don’t forget the chauffeur is there to help you out too… 

As we all know, December can be rather cold especially on the river, however don’t fret, we will have blankets on hand to keep you warm. But you might also want to consider wearing a Christmas jumper or hat to truly get into the spirit of this magical season. 


Christmas Punt and Hunt, Visit Cambridge, festive punting, Christmas scavenger hunt

After Your Chauffeured Punting Tour…

Once you disembark from the punt you begin your hunt around the city, which will take about an hour.

With 7 different locations around the city for you to go to, you are in for a treat. 

The scavenger hunt around the city has 2 aspects to it. Parents are encouraged to get involved with the Parent Prompt aspect of the hunt.

The Parent Prompt is included to help you and your family navigate your way around the city. Within the Parent Prompt there are directions and a short story to guide you in the right direction.

The Parent Prompt links in with the question for the children to answer, and helps you steer your kids towards the right answer. It may also be good to involve your child in the reading process, or support them in doing it themselves – who said learning can’t be fun!?

Christmas Punt and Hunt, Visit Cambridge, festive punting, Christmas scavenger hunt

A Christmas Prize

To get your prize you need to collect a code. 

This code is formed by your answers from the On The River section of the booklet – If you have answered the questions correctly then the letters associated with your answers should spell out a word. 

This word is the code that you will hand to Hardy’s Sweet Shop to receive your Christmas sweet prize. 

We have divided the scavenger hunt into these two sections so if you or the kids don’t feel up to walking around the city, or wish to stop halfway through then you can still receive your prize!

Christmas Punt and Hunt, Visit Cambridge, festive punting, Christmas scavenger hunt

Continue the fun at home

At the end of your hunt we have also included our favourite gingerbread recipe so your Cambrigde experience can follow on into the evening with a quick and easy bake.

So, head on over to our booking page and book your magical Christmas punting experience now! 

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 4th, 2021, by the Traditional Punting Company