Cows About Cambridge


Cows About Cambridge

If you are from Cambridge then you must have noticed some intricately designed cows on plinths ‘randomly’ placed around the city. You might be wondering why are they here and where have they come from? Or if you are visiting the city then you might be finding it a little unexpected to see them. Regardless of why you are in Cambridge, you’ll be pleased to know that these cows are an art exhibition with a wonderful back story. So let’s discover more of what ‘Cows about Cambridge‘ is all about!

Wild in Art

Following Dinky Doors, this is another fantastic outdoor experience for the whole family to enjoy in Cambridge. Also described as “the most spectacular and ambitions art projects the city has ever seen”, these cows bring all parts of the community together and gives people a voice through art.

What catches our attention is the remarkable artwork and design of each cow which leaves you eager to find the next. This project is only made possible with the effort and creative skills of Wild in Art’s – a company that has been focused on animating and improving cities across the globe since 2008. For this specific project, they were given cows as their blank canvas and from that moment on the most incredible pieces of art have been created preserving our city as the main theme. These cows also play a role in encouraging people to chew the cud about serious issues such as climate change and how we look after our world.

This exhibition is an open air, public spectacle, allowing all to be a part of the trail. The art pieces are unprotected relying on the goodwill of the general public to not climb or damage the cows, as eventually each of the larger cows will be auctioned to raise money for the charity Break. The mini moos will find forever homes within the schools and community groups that created them.

Cows Around Cambridgeshire

If you want to thoroughly explore this moo-mentous trail then download the ‘Cows About Cambridge’ App. This way you’ll not only find out where each cow is placed but also engage in a whole lot of other experiences. Such as a cow collector, where you’ll earn points and rewards and also take part in their competition to chose your favourite cow.

What’s even better is on the trail you’ll find a 4 digit code located somewhere on the plinth of each cow which will give you access to discount vouchers or giveaways on the app – such as a free gin cocktail, discounted cycle hire and free art activities. This trail will help bring the excitement back to the city centre and its green spaces. You can download this app on both Google Play and iOS App Store with a small fee of £1.99.

Beyond the cows

Funds raised from this project will be invested to help young people and families within our area of Cambridgeshire. ‘Cows About Cambridge’ has the goal of bridging the gap between our community, by supporting programs such as BREAK – ‘Staying Close, Staying Connected’ – which is responsible to support the residential care of youths transitioning to adulthood. Provide your donations and help to spread the word about this inspiring campaign.

Make sure to include the Cows About Cambridge trail as part of your day in the city. There is even a cow positioned right next to our punting departure point, this is the perfect excuse to sit back for an hour on a punting tour, before recommencing the rest of the trail.

Posted on July 12th, 2021, by the Traditional Punting Company