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Cream Tea Cambridge

When you think of Britain, you may think of the union jack, queuing, talking about the weather, fish and chips, firm handshakes or even big ben, but one thing that really stands out to us is a cream tea. 

So what is a cream tea? 

A cream tea is a light meal that is enjoyed in the afternoon, consisting of tea taken with a combination of scones, jam and clotted cream. It was back in the 1700’s when Anna Maria Russel requested tea and treats to be delivered to her room in-between lunch and dinner. This soon progressed into a social affair, inviting others to her country house to enjoy this mid afternoon dinning experience. By the 19th century afternoon tea was experienced by most having a spread of sandwiches, cakes, scones, cream and jam. 

Cream tea flourished the most in the west country. This was due to the opening of the railway. Visitors came to the south to holiday and the thing that was in high demand was indulging in a delicious afternoon cream tea. So cafes and hotels honoured this, selling afternoon tea, that was made from the finest local ingredients. However cream tea’s are not only enjoyed by those in Devon or Cornwall, all over the UK tearooms are now recreating this British pastime. 

So why have we written a post about cream tea you may ask?

Well we have some exciting packages coming soon which incorporate this quintessential British concept with punting. We thought that it would be the perfect combination of two traditional British notions. As you may or may not know, punting has been around in England since the 1800’s, and from the 1900’s in Cambridge. So we thought that anyone who would be visiting this great historic city for the day, or lives nearby would enjoy the mixture of both a cream tea and a chauffeured punt tour for a full traditional experience. Who would not love a cream tea in Cambridge. 

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Cream Tea Picnic Punting

Whether you would like to enjoy a cream tea picnic on the punt or indulge at a local hotel before or after your tour, then we will have you covered. We are working with independent businesses here in Cambridge to offer you the best packages around. We hope that they will be a big success and we do look forward to hearing your feedback about these cream tea punting packages soon.

Keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms for updates. Cream tea punting experiences will be available to prebook in due course… 

Have a great day from the Traditional Punting Company, Cambridge. 

Cream Tea Punting Cambridge, Picnic Punting Cambridge, Afternoon Tea Cambridge

Posted on March 24th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company