England in the FIFA world cup

Everyone is getting ready to watch the FIFA world cup 2022.  The football championship is set to take place in Qatar and start on the 20th of November,2022.  As  England is set to play on the 21st of November against Iran.  Football is known to bring people together and build a sense of community. However, it’s fun to cheer on your favourite team and feel the stadium move under your feet or even from your couch at home. As we are all excitingly wondering whether our team brings it home or not.

England in previous world cup tournaments


We have decided to take a punting tour down memory lane of England in the past FIFA world cup tournaments.


The world cup has been going on since 1930. The biggest football event takes place every 4 years. Nonetheless, England entered the world cup championship in 1950. Needless to say, England qualified for all the ensuing 18 FIFA world cups.


The English team got to the semi-final stage of the world cup tournament in 2018 in Russia, where they came in 4th place. They also finished fourth in Italy in the 1990 tournament. As the team qualified 9 times for the quarter-final stage of the FIFA world cup throughout their world cup journey.


We might not understand the tactics of football but we can definitely say the best world cup England witnessed was the one in 1966. Not only did England host the world cup championship, but England brought the world cup home and came in the first place.

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England fixtures at the world cup

We don’t know what the future holds for England this tournament, but we have gathered England fixture times at the group stage in the world cup:


  • England vs Iran: Monday, November 21 at 1 pm UK time
  • England vs USA: Friday, November 25 at 7 pm UK time
  • Wales vs England: Tuesday, November 29 at 7 pm UK time


Pubs to watch the world cup at

We have also included a couple of  local pubs in Cambridge where you can cheer your favourite national team with a few drinks


The Tivoli:


The Tivoli is absolutely one of the best entertaining pubs in Cambridge. You can play mini golf, enjoy their roof-top or their myriad of video games as well as watch live sports and football matches. More importantly, They also have a mouth-watering pizza.

The Brook:

This cosy pub has several screens you can watch the world cup live. They also have a scrumptious menu of local and international dishes. In addition to its selection of beers, The brook has a beautiful beer garden for warmer summer nights.


We are excited to see who wins this world cup before we go into Christmas. Let us know which team you’re cheering for and who you’re cheering with.



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