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When people visit Cambridge, the things you are liking to hear are: Cambridge University, The Bridge of Sighs, Kings College Chapel (and choir), rowing, bikes, the Market Square, beautiful architecture, The Mathematical Bridge, the Botanic Gardens and also… Punting!!!… So, if punting is one of the top activities to experience whilst visiting this historic city, then what are the things you should know about punting in Cambridge before you come… Well, the top questions that come to most peoples minds are: How much does punting cost? How do I go about purchasing a ticket to go punting? And where do I go, to go punting in Cambridge? Below we try to answer these common questions, so your time punting in Cambridge is effortless and easy, just the way it should be whilst you are guided down the River Cam. 

Punting Prices

Punting is a great activity to par take in, either going on a chauffeured punt tour or doing self-hire, you get to experience this traditional Cambridge pastime in the most picturesque part of the City, the ‘College Backs’. If a chauffeured tour is what you are looking for, then it is always best to book online before you come to get the best possible rate. You will be able to choose from a shared or pirate tour, depending on what you desire. If you would like a flexible ticket option, then a shared chauffeured tour would work for you. The price for these tickets range from £5 to £15 per person depending on what day you would like to go, and whether you are an Adult, Concession, or Child. If alternatively you would like the luxury of an entire punt to yourself and the ability to book for a specific time slot, then the private tour option is the one for you. The price of a private chauffeured tour does vary depending on whether you are a group of up to 6 or 12, as well as the date and time of the departure. Prices range from £79 to £149 per punt. The two options highlight above are for chauffeured tours, meaning you have a guide on the back of the punt doing all the work , whilst you relax listening to the historical tour being provided of the ‘College Backs’. Nevertheless, if you would like to give punting a go yourself, then you should look at doing a self-hire. There are not many companies in Cambridge that offer this option, so again it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. The price range from £20 per hour up to £49.50 for 90 minutes. 

Purchasing a punting ticket

Some people like to be organised and find the best rate for their punting tour. If this is you, then the best way to book your ticket is online. Once you have booked your punting experience, you will receive an email with all the information you need about the tour and the booking itself. This email also acts as your ticket on the day (so make sure you can show this email confirmation on your phone or in a printed version at the check-in desk). Others would prefer to just turn up on the day and hope that there is a tour available. If this is you, then you can always haggle a price with one of the touts at Quayside to get on a chauffeured tour. You could also go up to a company’s check-in desk and pay the normal ‘on the day’ ticket prices. However, one thing to bear in mind is that punting does get very busy in the summer, so if you chance your luck on the day, there might not be any space available. 

Where to go Punting in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge is done along a stretch of the River Cam called the ‘College Backs’. It is the middle section of the river and meanders through Cambridge University Campus. There are four points where people can depart from when going punting. The first is Quayside, which is an area located at one end of the river opposite Magdalene College. The next one is near Garret Hostel Bridge, which is positioned in middle of this stretch of river, and is situated next to Trinity College grounds. There is another departure point at the Mill Pond area, which is at the other end of the river, near to Silver Street Bridge. The last setting is at the Granta Pub, right at the top of the river near Newnham Road. You can also go punting from Cambridge to Grantchester. This is a longer trip than the ‘College Backs’ and takes most people roughly four hours to do the return journey. You can go on this scenic trip from the Mill Pond area.

Punting in Cambridge is loved by all, tourist and locals alike. We hope that these answers give you some idea of what do to if you are planning on going punting in the University town of Cambridge. If you are wanting to book your punting tickets online then click here.

Posted on May 30th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company