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Cambridge Green Spaces

Cambridge is home to a variety of beautiful green spaces that have some great benefits to our environment, as well as being a place to enjoy with your family and friends or relax by yourself. We love the fact that Cambridge has a high number of green spaces compared to other cities, and we know we are very lucky to have them. There has been a recent count of 681 spaces that has also been saved from development. 

We are so grateful to have these little sanctuaries in and around Cambridge that we wanted to highlight our top 5 beautiful green spaces here in Cambridge for you to go and visit. 

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1) Barnwell East and Cherry Hinton Park & Brook

If being by water is your thing then Cambridge has definitely got plenty to offer. From small streams to rivers, and from reservoirs to reserves, you will find something that suits you. The first one we have mentioned in our list is Barnwell East. This was declared a Local Reserve in 1992 and since has been managed in partnership with the City Greenways Project. This reserve has a circular path that traces the perimeter and provides an excellent walk at any time of year. Some highlights include the Bee Orchid in early summer as well as the changes of wildlife throughout the year. Next is Cherry Hinton Brook which flows through the eastern suburbs of Cambridge to the River Cam. There is a snake-like path which follows the brook, providing great views of the water and scenery. What’s more it is home to some brilliant wildlife including ducks, swans and geese. The Brook is also kept to a high standard thanks to the FCHB, whom organises regular littler picks in early Spring and late Summer/Autumn. This makes sure that the route is kept clean and attractive for all. It is the perfect path for you and your family to amble along all the way from Cherry Hinton, past the north east edge of Cherry Hinton Hall, to the River Cam. The grounds of the hall itself boast two children’s paddling pools and is a wonderful place for families to stop off and cool down on those sunny summer days.

Green Spaces Cambridge, Cambridge Outdoors, Cambridge Parks, Visit Cambridge

2) Stourbridge Common / Ditton Meadows

The landscape of Stourbridge Common and Ditton Meadows follows the River Cam from Chesterton to Fen Ditton. On this stretch of the river you will see some of the rowers practising for their up coming events, with their training coaches along side them on their bikes on the river path. The open space is very popular with locals; especially families and dog walkers, who use the green to go on leisurely walks along the river, feed the ducks and play around in the fields. It is also favoured by runners who can achieve over 6km in just one lap of these unkept but much loved meadows. 

3) Botanic Gardens Cambridge 

The heritage-listed Botanic Gardens were designed for year-round interest. There is over 8,000 plant species as well as a wonderful range of gardens and plantings to enjoy. It is a beautiful space for tourists and locals, and covers over 40 acres. Being part of Cambridge University it has great scientific value and is also highly rated by gardening enthusiasts. The latest addition to the Garden is the Rising Path, built to create a fresh perspective on the Garden’s historic Systematic Beds. You can have a tour of the gardens, which will provide some of the background history and development of this stunning space. Some tours are even free (seasonal highlights tour) and pre-booking in not required, it is based on a first-come first-served basis. The entry fee to the gardens range from £5 – £6, so is accessible to most and is definitely one place to visit if coming to Cambridge for a day or two. 

Green Spaces Cambridge, Cambridge Outdoors, Cambridge Parks, Visit Cambridge

4) Jesus Green

Jesus Green is an area of open parkland grass and is the home to our moored punts. On the corner of Jesus Green, at La Mimosa, is where our customers depart on their Chauffeured Punt Tours. Spending a great deal of time here we think this park has some brilliant amenities to keep everyone satisfied including: an refreshment kiosk, an outdoor swimming pool (which is 50m in length), six tennis courts, BBQ areas for portable BBQ’s and also a great play area that caters for children of all ages. In summer this is the place were you will find most people who live or visit Cambridge, spending their afternoon enjoying the sun. It also hosts 40,000 Carlton type daffodils bulbs, at the Jubilee Gardens on the facing bank in recognition of Marie Curie Cancer Care 

Green Spaces Cambridge, Cambridge Outdoors, Cambridge Parks, Visit Cambridge, Jesus Green

5) Parkers Piece and Christ’s Pieces 

Christ’s Pieces is a typical Victorian park design with tree-lined avenues. The formal seasonal bedding and large ornamental shrub beds provides year-round colour and interest. The park also has a rose garden in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, which is definitely something to be photographed. And lastly there is Parkers Piece one of Cambridge’s most significant and best known open spaces. It was named after Edward Parker, a cook who leased the land from Trinity College in Cambridge. With its manicured grass, it is a great spot for a picnic or games of cricket or football. Most people will walk over this park during the day to and from the city centre. As it is so conveniently placed it offers a great space for everyone working or studying in the centre of Cambridge, it it is even used by the students at Parkside for their sport lessons. 

Green Spaces Cambridge, Cambridge Outdoors, Cambridge Parks, Visit Cambridge

The list does go on and there are even more green spaces on the outskirts of Cambridge. If you are into walking and being out in nature then these parks, meadows and open spaces will be a great place for you to go and explore, especially the neighbouring National Trust sites. Cambridge is blessed to be a place full of green open spaces which provides an attractive and diverse environment, enhances the quality of life for all and offers the opportunity for people to socialise, relax and participate in activities all within a thriving city.

We love Cambridge and what it has to offer, so we hope this has given you some insight on some of the places you can visit when coming to our ‘green’ and historical city.

Posted on May 10th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company