Halloween in Cambridge

Halloween with the Traditional Punting Company

This year, we are introducing a brand new halloween package for this October half term. We, at the Traditional Punting Company, wanted to bring your family something unique so you can enjoy halloween in an historic city with a spooky and interesting past.


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What is the Halloween Punt and Hunt package all about?

The Punt and Hunt package is a family-friendly experience, which will bring the spooky side of Cambridge to you this Halloween. It is designed to allow children, age 4 – 11, to enjoy the eerie parts of Cambridge, hunting the ghosts and monsters that haunt the city. There are two parts of the scavenger hunt and activity booklet, the river and the city.

Halloween along the river

The College Backs date back to the 16th Century and during halloween the river has an unearthly feel, from the overhanging gothic architecture to the misty sky, you will feel the spooky nature of Cambridge at its finest. The first part of the booklet contains activities and questions about the river and the historic colleges along the way. The answers form a code which you can take into our local sweet shop – Hardy’s, to claim your terrifyingly sweet surprise.

Halloween Punting, Punting in Cambridge, Cambridge Punting, Punt and Scavenger Hunt, Visit Cambridge, Half Term Activities, Halloween

Halloween around Cambridge City Centre

Once you have finished your punting tour & cracked the code head into town to claim your prize and complete the second half of your booklet – a city centre scavenger hunt.

Since Cambridge is one of the most historic cities in the UK, it’s no surprise that the city is home to more than a few haunted buildings and tales. The scavenger hunt takes you to find witches, ghosts, monsters and so much more. We do recommend tiptoeing around the streets and taking a look behind you from time to time as we all know Halloween is the time for the supernatural to make an appearance.

Follow the map along some of the most famous streets in Cambridge to find the answers in this interactive experience. For each part of the hunt around the city we have added a parent prompt, this is for a parent to read out and help create the story for the children, so best spooky voices please! The questions have been arranged in such a way, that if you follow them in order you will be taken on a circular route around the city so make a day of it this October half term.

Halloween Punting, Punting in Cambridge, Cambridge Punting, Punt and Scavenger Hunt, Visit Cambridge, Half Term Activities, Halloween

To know before your Cambridge Punting Scavenger Hunt

  • This Halloween Activity and Scavenger hunt booklet will only be available between the 22nd and 31st of October, and can be purchased online, over the phone, or on the day.
  • Pre-booking your punting tour and Halloween booklet will guarantee that you’ll get the best price – if you opt for an earlier punting tour departure time, you will have the rest of the day to complete the city centre scavenger hunt, so you won’t miss out on any of the fun.
  • The Activity and scavenger hunt Booklet, plus prize, is an additional £2.50 per child on-top of the punting tour rate. If you have more than one child you can opt for the Shared Tour Family Discounted Punting option when booking online for the cheapest price.
  • All you little monsters out there can come dressed up on the day to get into the Halloween spirit, but of course dressing up is not a must.
  • You will collect the booklet and pencils on the day from our punting in Cambridge location before your punting tour – please note late arrivals will result in a missed tour. We definitely do not want any upset little witches or vampires on the day, so please make sure you arrive to us with time to spare.
  • The answers from the punting part of the experience will form a code. Write this code on the voucher slip that will be stapled to the back of the booklet. When you want to redeem the prize, hand over this completed voucher slip to Hardy’s sweetshop in exchange for your spooky treat.
  • You will pass the sweet shop towards the beginning and at the end of the city scavenger hunt, so it is up to you when you want to claim your prize.
  • The booklet is designed for children aged 4-11. The punting activities are specifically designed to appeal to younger children and the city centre scavenger hunt is aimed at the older children. Although children of any age will enjoy joining in throughout the punting and city part of the experience.

It really is something for all the family to enjoy, so take in the spooky sights and have some spine-tingling fun this Halloween with the Traditional Punting Company! – Click here to book your Halloween Punt and Hunt package.

Or if your looking for a Ghost Tour this Halloween then look no further

Stride Cambridge, in collaboration with Cambridge Tour Guides, are running Ghoulish Ghost Tours in the evening during this Halloween period. You can either depart at 6pm or 7:30pm from the Cambridge Gift Shop in the city centre.  The tours themselves last for approximately one hour exploring Cambridge’s haunted past. Waking around the city in the dark, you’ll visit the places where unexplained and unusual occurrences are known to have and still do happen. To top it all off, each ticket includes a glass of non-alcoholic wine or cup of hot chocolate to enjoy whilst your imagination runs riot with the ghostly tales.

If you would like to book click below:

… So whether its a Halloween Punt & Hunt experience for your entire family or a evening ghoulish Ghost Tour, Visit Cambridge this half term for some scares.

Halloween Punting, Punting in Cambridge, Cambridge Punting, Punt and Scavenger Hunt, Visit Cambridge, Half Term Activities, Halloween

Posted on October 14th, 2021, by the Traditional Punting Company