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The spookiest time of the year is back!

Halloween is fast approaching and we would like to share with you some scary tales of our haunted city. Yes, haunted! Cambridge has been known as a ‘haunted city’ for years. In 2010 it was even considered to be the most haunted University in the world, according to the Society of Physical research.

The University has collected a few real-life macabre stories such as: The floating head of Oliver Cromwell. The ghost of Elizabeth de Clare that haunts the River Cam. The ghost of a bursar who killed himself in the 18th Century at Peterhouse. Barrett’s small hour screams at King’s College. And finally, the appearance of the ghost of James Wood at St. John’s College dark nights. So if you go to the University make sure you keep an eye out at night, there might be some spirits of the dead near you.

The haunted tales do not stop at the University. Cambridge is also known by some famous and infamous haunted sites around the city centre, as well as some mysterious dark corners and phantasmal streets. The city is home to some old buildings, including pubs that dates back to the 16th century. Therefore, it is no surprise that people have had some abnormal encounters in such places. The Eagle Pub is the oldest pub in the city and has a tale or two about some ghostly apparitions that sends shivers up your spine.

Ghost Tales

The Eagle Pub’s land is owned by Corpus Christi College. One of the most 5 haunted places in Cambridge experiencing paranormal activities since it was founded in 1352. One story in particular that might get even the  non-believers questioning themselves is the sightings that have taken place in the room above the pub. Now the window of this room has remained opened for hundreds of years and we are going to tell you why…

About 300 years ago, there was a fire in the building, and it ravaged the upstairs chambers of the public house. Everyone inside was saved except for three young children. Trapped in an upstairs bedroom and unable to open the window to escape, they tragically burnt to death. From that day on, that very same window has remained open and it is even written in the lease that the window must remain so.

It is believed that the children’s spirits are still haunting this place (both the room and the pub itself). This is mainly due to the number of paranormal experiences reported here. There has also been several accounts, that the window has been shut mistakenly in the past. When doing so, the person in the bedroom hears three knocks on the glass, and the window supposedly comes off it clasp, ready to be opened again. Even current employees say that if anybody ever tries to close it, they experience a strong feeling of suffocation in their chests.

Cambridge and its haunted past

This window will be, forever open, so the three young ghosts can leave the pub as and when they desire. Word of advice, check that the window is open before entering the pub. By doing so you can enjoy your drink in peace.

Another tale that caught our attention was about BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Studio (1A). It is rumoured that the presenters chair is haunted by an elderly ghost. Whats more the studio is also known for its shadowy figures that lurk in the doorways and orbs of light that fly across the room. All of these sightings made the Cambridge Paranormal Society visit the premises back in 2003. The visit (that wasn’t disclosed to the public) established a sense of a suicide. So therefore, could be the spirit that haunts the studio. However, the most unsettling thing to this story was the phone call the station received. They were contacted a couple of nights afterwards by an anonymous caller, confirming that a someone had hung themselves on the site.

Stories like these explain why Cambridge is so famous for its paranormal activities… Be careful if you are wondering the streets of Cambridge this Halloween, as you might be surprise with what or who you might see.

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