Luxury Punting Experience Cambridge

The Perfect Punting Experience 

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Cambridge, a city steeped in history. Experience the grandeur of prestigious universities, impressive architecture, and renowned landmarks as you embark on an unforgettable journey with the Traditional Punting Company’s Cambridge punting tours


Experience Luxury in Cambridge with the Traditional Punting Company

With the Traditional Punting Company, you can enjoy a luxury experience in Cambridge like no other. Our new boats feature raised seating, providing you with unobstructed views of the sights that line the riverbanks. 

We understand the importance of your comfort, which is why our punts come equipped with supportive cushions, ensuring that every moment of your voyage is relaxing. We also provide tables for your convenience, allowing you to enjoy additional extras without any compromise to your comfort. 

With our private tours, we offer a 50-minute trip where you’ll discover interesting facts about this unique and scenic city. You’ll also witness the famous Cambridge colleges, including Clare College, Trinity Hall and more. 

Luxury Punting Additional Extras 

Elevate your experience with our range of delicious add-ons, designed to enhance your punting journey. Prepare to immerse yourself in the lap of luxury as we present you with a selection of irresistible options, tailored to add an extra touch of exclusivity to your time in the city. 

We can provide a luxury afternoon picnic treat, which will be a quintessential British picnic, supplied by the local Harriets Tearoom. Or, if you’re considering a breakfast-styled meal, we proudly offer a delicious brunch menu, including freshly baked goods and granola bowls that are perfect for those early departures. 

Our third offer is best suited for a large-group tour or a lovely romantic evening tour! It contains three local kinds of cheese, a range of fruit, antipasti’s, dried fruits and homemade fig chutneys. Please contact us upon booking for any dietary requirements or allergies.

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Where to go in Cambridge after your luxury Punting Tour

Midsummer House

Located just a 10-minute walk away from our Landing Stage and originally opened by Daniel Clifford, the Midsummer House is approaching its 30th anniversary. Providing guests with a ‘skillfully shaped’ menu, the restaurant showcases the finest produce, offering a contemporary and luxurious experience to all who visit. While enjoying high-standard dining, the kitchens show a now-world-class open-plan conservatory which will capture the scenic views, fulfilling the Cambridge experience beside the river. Operating hours often differ, between lunch specials and dinner.

The Gonville Hotel Gresham House Wellness

Gresham House Wellness 

With the admirable care provided at Gresham House, they offer a wide range of treatments using Germaine de Capuccini and ESPA treatments, including massages, facials, tanning and nails. Their spa rooms are supplied with a range of relaxing materials and natural refreshing colours which enlighten your day! At the Gonville House, you can also stay overnight. Facilities also range from a classic double suite to a featured king, all prices range and are available on their website.

Gonville Experience 

The Gonville Hotel also offers a wide range of experiences which will welcome you into the world of luxury! Alongside the relaxing spa days, they also offer numerous activities which can bring you that VIP experience. One of which is a Bentley experience, where they offer multiple complementary journeys, and includes pick-up and drop-off

In Cambridge, we have multiple historical museums. The Fitzwilliam Museum, located on Trumpington Street, displays antique art and houses renowned collections of a range of paintings and artefacts. With the added luxury of the Bentley encounter, the trip to The Fitzwilliam museum just became more exciting! If you’re looking for a more relaxing late afternoon, or a peaceful morning, the hotel is proudly offering private small tours. These tours include the rich history of Cambridge and visiting some famous sites.

For a more scenic route, Gonville house also provides a “city of Cycles” opportunity for guests during their stay on a traditionally styled bobbin bike. This entices you to explore the city, visit the multiple parks and greenery and a quick stop by the beautiful botanical gardens. The Botanical Gardens are associated with the university department at Cambridge University, offering a private tour which lasts around 90 minutes filled with known facts and the history of the garden.

A Luxury Punting Experience in Cambridge with the Traditional Punting Company

Your Cambridge adventure awaits, and there’s no better way to experience it than with our luxury punting tours. Prepare for an extraordinary journey through one of the most enchanting cities in the world, where luxury and history seamlessly blends, to create an experience that is truly unforgettable. Your luxury punting experience will be the highlight of your trip to Cambridge, so make sure to book online now to get the best deal. Browse our range of tours for all occasions, including hen parties, family trips and corporate events.

Posted on February 3rd, 2023, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor