Mothers Day

Mother’s Day 2019

Mothers Day 2019

Parenting changes your life… Bringing a baby into this world is a choice and is undoubtedly the most amazing gift anyone can experience. But being a parent is hard work and most mothers would say that they give up a lot for their jobs, their sleep, their own time, their finances, and years of peace and quiet. They’d even give their lives. So it is great that we set aside a whole day to honour and celebrate the women who raised us.

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But where did Mothers Day Come from?

Mothering Sunday was first celebrated in the UK around the 17th century. At that time it was closely linked to the Laetare Sunday festival in the Christian calendar. With a religious origin this day was when most visited their ‘mother’ church. Yet most would say it comes from the US after a memorial was held by Anna Jarvis for her mother. Her campaign was to make Mother’s Day a recognised holiday, the year her mother dies in 1905. Her mother was a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers, creating Mother’s Day Work Clubs to address public health issues. Anna wanted to honour her mother by continuing the work she started and to set aside a day to honour all mothers. This sparked a new celebration for mothers and it was just after this that thousands of mothers were left without their sons as a consequence of the First World War in England. So inevitably mothering Sunday was celebrated by all denominations of Christianity, ending up on everyone’s calendar.

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So how do we show our mothers how much we mean to them?

Mothers day is about giving something back. It is about letting them know how much you love and appreciate what they have done for you in your life. It is about spending time with your mother and creating new memories with her. We all know how lovely it is to receive a beautifully hand written letter or card. Or have some flowers sent to your door. Whatever way you can express your love and appreciation for them will leave your mother smiling from ear to ear. As we know the little things always counts.

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Nevertheless, you also have to think about the other mothers you are potentially connected to. For instance, you may have a Mother-in-law, a wife who is the mother to your children, a sister who is also a mother and what about your grandmother… So how do you celebrate all these wonderful mothers on one day? It is a job in itself, but maybe it does not have to be. We think that spending time with those amazing women is the answer. Or even if you are just celebrating one mother this year, it is about being there for her and setting time aside from your busy schedule to be with them. 

So this Mother’s Day we think that it should be spent making memories. We think it is time that your mother got to sit back and enjoy their families company in a way that is special to them. So we have put together a package to guarantee this. Our Mother’s Day Punting is a Private Chauffeured Punt Tour for up to 6 people. You and your mother will have the delights of a private boat to enjoy the beautiful River Cam. You will be guided through the heart of Cambridge, enjoying each others company, sharing food and drinks and (hopefully) enjoying the sun. This will be the gift she remembers forever.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Traditional Punting Company. 

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Posted on March 4th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company