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Live Music in Cambridge

The best live music event in Cambridge is officially back. Music on the river, summer 2022 is here, and you can book your tickets now. Enjoy a summers evening punting along the Cambridge University‘s college backs, with your punt chauffeur at the helm, gliding passed iconic sights including the mathematic bridge and King’s college chapel (to name but a few) all whilst enjoying live music performed by incredible local artists. These summer music events are like no other, taking place on one of the most renowned stretch of rivers in the UK – it is a unique venue for intimate gigs which will take live music to another level.

Currently the line-up this year consists of 3 artists: Dorathea, Liam and Ukulele Simon. Starting from the 22nd of July, join us on board for an evening of live music that will give you goose bumps and long lasting memories.

Music on the River Line Up

Dorothea to perform on 22nd of July

Dorothéa is a professional musician who will be accompanied by Miguel Zambujeira, a talented guitarist and vocalist.This amazing acoustic duo from the Cambridge scene will definitely make you enjoy your evening chauffeured punt on the river. Some of the songs performed are well-known pop anthems and ballads plus some of her own originals. Dorothea has several notable performances. She performs in festivals and fairs globally such as the Cambridge Strawberry Fair of 2022.  Her performances are absolutely not to be missed.

Liam Martin performing on our punting boats on the 29th of July

We all know Cambridge feels like a city out of the movies. How often have you heard people talking about the influence of Cambridge over Harry Potter? Well, nothing says filmic resounding as Liam Martin. Liam Martin is a Cambridge, UK-based singer-songwriter. His music features atmospheric, emotive and cinematic resonances. Moreover, his music goes along the lines of Paper Kites and Sleeping at Last. Whilst drawing influence from the essence of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Damien Rice, and S Carey. If you want to feel like you are part of an old romantic movie, This is the event for you!


Ukulele Simon to entertain us on the 5th of August

The ukulele has a very distinctive sound that is so soothing to listen to.  Ukulele Simon is certainly an artist with multiple talents. Not only is he a lecturer in music in Access creative college and can play a myriad of instruments. He is also a one of a kind ukulele player, he is always experimenting with different sounds and effects to push the limits of what the ukulele can do. That’s why his performances are not just your ordinary ukulele gig. We guarantee that you are in for an exceptional performance and back by popular demand.


Music on the river 2019

In case you want to get an idea of what it would be like and watch past performances of music on the river. You can always check out our YouTube channel that covers all of our events on the river cam in Cambridge. Check out the video below from Ukulele Simon’s performance on board back in 2019.

Punting in Cambridge special events on the River

The Music on the river events will be chauffeured by our talented punters who will make sure the event will run smoothly, gliding you effortlessly along the River Cam. As we are always looking to bring you the best of the best. We want everyone to get the upmost satisfactory experience of Cambridge throughout the year and for summer, nothing feels more Cambridge than this.

For each artist you can purchase either a shared tour ticket or a private boat option. For the shared tour, you will have your own private row or area on the boat depending on your group size. Prices for these tickets start as little as £45. You have 3 different group sizes to choose from, either a row for up to 2 people. A row for 3 people or a section for 4 – 6 people. For these tickets you will be sharing the boat with other groups, but only your group will sit in the designated area, no other group members will sit next to you. For the Private Punting option, you have the entire boat all to yourself with a private chauffeur at the helm. These private boats can hold up to 12 people, so you can bring friends and family along to join in the fun, on your most memorable evening this summer. Once you have made a booking online, you’ll receive a email confirmation which will include all the details about the event, including where to come, what time to reach us by and a map of our location.

Don’t miss out, hurry up and book your tickets now for a shared tour or a private tour and enjoy the music on the river for summer 2022.

Posted on June 28th, 2022, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor