Open Cambridge Programme 2021

Open Cambridge Programme 2021


Cambridge is a beautiful and historic place and this year Cambridge University have teamed up with Heritage open days to deliver the Open Cambridge Programme 2021. This year they are offering a jam packed programme with online and in person events. With 106 different events available to you this September you will be busy!


From the 10th – 19th of September 2021, you will have free access to walks, talks, tours and online events. With these events, you will embark on a historical journey of intellect, either online or in person.


We won’t be able to talk about all 106 events but I will do my best to give you an overview of some of the highlights!

Online Events:


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Starting us off we have Crossing Antarctica. We will hear about an adventure from the 1950s and follow the first ever exploration and crossing of Antarctica and giving this talk are some archivists from the Scott Polar Research Institute.


Next, keeping with the theme, we have Porridge and Polar Bears: The Cambridge Svalbard Exploration Archive. This seminar is being presented by Sandra Freshney, who is a Sedgwick Museum Archivist. With a collection of over 400 field note books and 16,000 negatives you won’t be short of things to look at, and make sure you come up with a few questions for the Q&A.


Moving away from the polar theme now have The Cook, The PM, His Wife & Their Foodways. This will be a talk about Churchill and his eating and drinking habits, which he was famous for! With insight from Churchill’s longest serving cook Dr Annie Gray will educate you on Churchill’s gluttonous eating habits and then the sparse rations of the wartime.


Finally we have a Kings Banquet. For The Kings Banquet you will be feasting upon manuscripts and prints that depict 500 years of food at Kings. With food fights to lack of food in the war you will get a chance to learn about all things food related with the Kings College Collection.

In Person Events


Due to Covid-19 we have all spent far too much time inside our homes, hunched over our computers, so it’s about time to get outside!


Why not take the kids to the Cambridge Fire Station open day? Or head over to the Trumpington community orchard to participate in the bug hunt!


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The Cambridge University are offering a behind the scenes tour of their farm where you can learn all about the animals, machinery and AD plant.


There are also more food related options! If you would like to eat drink and be merry then the Mill Road Cemetery is just the place for you. As odd as this may sound you will be taken on a walk through food history. As you head through the cemetery on your guided tour you will learn of the butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers that where an intrical part in creating the Cambridge community we all enjoy today.

And if none of the above mentioned have piqued your interest then head on over to their website to find something that does!

Posted on September 7th, 2021, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor