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Pituresque city of Cambridge

Visit Cambridge

Posted by on February 28th, 2021.

The City of Cambridge

Have you ever visited Cambridge? If the answer is no, let me warn you, you might want to schedule a visit sooner rather than later.

This picturesque city has inspired some of the world’s greatest scientific discovery, the finest pieces of art as well as many remarkable stories. Moreover, its’ unique architectural details have charmed plenty of tourists throughout the years. Notably providing enough recognization to a city which was already known for its prestigious education all around the world.

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Why is this city so special?

Besides all it’s obvious reasons, what really makes Cambridge so special is its simply beautiful landscapes. For there isn’t a place that own look photogenic. From tiny unsual shops to mainsteam sights that never get boring, Cabridge has it all! In fact, the following list will accurately specify the top locations to wonder around and take photos when visiting Cambridge.

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Colleges of Cambridge University

From the 31 colleges of Cambridge University, there are some you won’t want to miss payiong a visit when in here. On top of that list surely goes King’s College for it’s highly popular recognition. However, in our opinion St. John’s College and Downing College are the most iconic ones with the more picturesque views.

Photography tips for when visiting this shights: Walk across the Bridge of Sighs at St. John’s College, but don’t forget to make your way to the Kitchen Bridge to get the best photos of one of the most famous bridges in Cambridge. At Downing College, don’t miss the Library building and the little garden opposite to it.

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Bridges of Cambridge

From the total of 25 bridges all around our city, there are two of them that you can’t miss when visiting Cambridge. Firstly the Bridge of Sighs, which can be visited when entering St. John’s College or along the River onboard of a relaxing Punting Cambridge Tour. Secondly, the Mathematical Bridge, at Queens’ College. This second bridge tell the legend that Sir. Isaac Newton builded it without using any bolts, just relying on his physics, mathematics and gravity to hold it up. Where this story is true or not, you will have to go there and see it for yourself.

Photography tips for when visiting this shights: Make your way to Silver Street Bridge to get the best view of the iconic Mathematical Bridge. Don’t miss a change to snap the punts along the River, they are for sure the most characteristly iconic photography you could keep from your time at this lovely city.

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Parks of Cambridge

There is a total of 116 parks across the city. From all these green scapes that are two you should pay a visit to. Obsviously that the first one would be the Botanical Gardens from Cambridge University, a magical place that is as unique as diverse throughout all the four seasons. Addictionally, you might want to spend some time relaxing at Jesus Green, this is perhaps the most overcroweded spot during summer time. Due to it’s riverside location and the plenty of outdoor activities that it provides: from free to use tennis courts, a skate park, to the Jesus Green Lido swimmingpool.

Photography tips for when visiting this shights: The main lake at the heart of the botanical gardens is just lovely to explore and the photos there will look stunning. In regards to Jesus Green, you may want to pay a speciall attention to the Horse tree avenue along the park, it’s great for photos.

Why Cambridge?

Why not?!

This is by far one of the most picturesque cities across the UK. Whereas you come from aboard or from somewhere else across the crounty, Cambridge won’t surely disappoint you. If this aren’t enough reasons to convience you, maybe you would appreciate to know that this city has the best braile stone maps, a haunted bookshop, an everyday opened market, tiny creative doors hidden all around the city as well as a fantastic hidden hill to watch the sunset with the city on the background. Certainly Cambridge has it all! Combining the best of both worlds: a thriving city life and the most relaxing countryside vibe.