Places to see in Cambridge This Spring

Our recommendatios to help you get the most of out spring 2024

Whilst Cambridge is most often associated with its sophisticated architecture and quaint cobblestoned streets, there are plenty of outdoor activities in Cambridge that add to this city’s personality. The colleges have been standing proud for hundreds of years and will be just as captivating any season. The flowerage and landscapes, on the other hand, are ever-changing in the weather. You will want to catch them in the form they take in Spring in particular. We hope to inspire the itinerary of your Cambridge visit so that you can make the most of this spring.

Botanical Gardens


Whether you are a plant lover or simply an admirer of anything beautiful, the Botanical Gardens will be a sight for sore eyes. A day here will blend tranquillity with stirring wonder at the vast collection of botanical wonders. Cambridge is a compact city; it’s surprising that such large grounds stretch within the city centre. It’s easy to pop into the gardens for a few hours to then return right back to the bustling town centre. Owing to this, it’s effortless to add the Botanical Gardens to your list of outdoor things to do in Cambridge.

The Botanical Gardens has been blossoming its wonders since its opening in 1846. With that much time to grow, the grounds have ripened as a natural paradise. Their shop with numerous plants also gives you the option to take a piece of the Botanic Gardens home to nurture yourself.

If you happen to come along on a Sunday in spring, make sure to catch the free 2 pm tour to gain insight from a passionate expert ready to show you the garden through their eyes. Looking for days out in Cambridge this March? Take a look at their upcoming event: The Weird World of Carnivorous Plants. If you can’t make it that weekend, their photography exhibition runs throughout spring 2024.

Grantchester Meadows

Just a stroll away from the thriving centre of Cambridge lies the immersive walk to the Granchester Meadows. Your walk will involve following the river banks as it guides you toward the open meadows, passing those braving wild swimming, walking past grazing cattle, crossing numerous bridges and sighting the Paradise Fen Nature Reserve.

Another note-worthy piece of information is that this is the walk that inspired Pink Floyd’s track ‘Granchester Meadows’ in their album Ummagumma. You can sense the dreamlike effect of the meadows in their lyrics:

In the lazy water meadow I lay me downAll around me golden sun flakes covering the groundBasking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoonBringing sounds of yesterday into this city room

Read another description of your walk in Granchester Meadows here.

A Walking Tour

If you are visiting the city in Spring, you’ll find it’s the perfect time of year where the days are bright and mild yet the streets are not as filled as they are in summer months. Spring gives you the best of both worlds. It’s best to familiarise yourself with these streets with the guidance of a passionate guide because they can give you exclusive Cambridge-esque insight.


Once you have walked Cambridge with a guide, you’ll understand that there is no better way to enjoy the sights around you in central Cambridge than with the knowledge of a professional walking tour guide to help you understand your surroundings better.

Milton County Park

Days out in Cambridge for all the family can be tedious to plan for. The perfect answer lies a drive away from the city centre: Milton Country Park. All members of the party will benefit from taking a lap around the perimeter of the lakes, the woodlands, the meadows and the other hidden treasures kept within the grounds.

There are plenty of extra activities to book such as fishing, paddlesports, the nature club and more. If you are exclusively on the hunt for kid-friendly free activities in Cambridge, then Milton Country Park also has free table tennis, a play park and plenty of open space for a bike ride.

Their large cafe overlooking the water has all the needed edible pick-me-ups that you could ask for. There is also a smaller ice cream hut by the play park that provides a needed coffee to re-energise for your explorations.

Punting on the Cam

An array of the blooming sights to be seen in Spring can be caught on a chauffeured punting tour with us. The college ‘backs’ are a sight to behold all year round – but the addition of cherry blossoms, daffodils and chicks floating in groups alongside your boat adds an irresistible charm to your punting experience.

Punting combines outdoor things to do in Cambridge with an intimate viewing experience of the glorious architecture of prestigious colleges. If you lose your breath at the sight of St John’s or King’s College Chapel, the fresh spring air can revive you.



Dog-friendly activities in Cambridge can be hard to hunt down. We don’t discriminate against pupps here. Bring them along on your punting tour so that they can put their paws up and intently monitor the ducks gliding along the Cam. Read our blog dedicated to dog-friendly activities in Cambridge here:]


Daylight hours slowly extend over Spring, therefore, our tours operate later on in the evening. Come for a calmer punting experience after 6 pm and enjoy a cheaper glide down the Cam than our peak hours.



Feast upon eight miles of walking trails at Wandelbury Country Park this spring. We all have our own definition of what determines a fun day out in Cambridge, but surely this has to be high up the list for most of us.

Pop to the Gog Magog Hills where open stretching meadows wait for you. Children will be captivated by the legend that the hills are the final resting place of the county’s last giant: Gogmagog himself. It’s an ideal spot for a picnic and a flask of tea to see you on. It’s easy to find the Gog Magog Hills after hitting the Cambridge colleges if you are happy to cycle or drive.



We hope to have given you a better idea of what to see in Cambridge this spring, and about outdoor activities in Cambridge. The unique beauty of Cambridge is that there is a thriving city centre accompanied by a choice of numerous outdoor landscapes to dive into within a walk or short drive from King’s Parade. This means that you can add an outdoor activity onto any other of your Cambridge plans in the very same day. To get a taste of Cambridge, it’s ideal to see both the architecture and colleges alongside the county’s natural environment. With punting, you get the best of both worlds.


Posted on March 20th, 2024, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor