Cambridge Punting Accessibility

Traditional Punting Company offer inclusive guided punting services

In the historic centre of Cambridge just on the corner of Jesus Green, we have a fleet of traditional Cambridge punts that carry passengers along the river cam on chauffeured punt tours of the famous ‘College Backs’. The guided tour will take you past arguably the most archectically beautiful and famed buildings of Cambridge that are only visible by boat. 

Traveling to our location is easy to navigate with accessible public transport and level ground footpaths. There are two sets of public toilets with disable facilities (that uses a radar key) within a 200m radius of our departure point, as well as great local amenities including cafe’s, shops and restaurants.  

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Cambridge Punting Disabled Access

Due to the nature of punting and the access to the river itself, there are a few steps to navigate. To approach our landing stage there are three small steps which are accompanied by handrails on both sides. Whilst on the landing stage to embark on your punt, there is a further step into the boat from the river bank. The team is available for extra support during the embarkation and disembarkation process, and our friendly staff are happy and willing to assist you into your seat at your instruction. 

Comfort when punting in Cambridge

Traditionally punts were flat-bottomed boats with no seats. As punting progressed into what’s now a popular tourist activity, seats have been included in the punt design to hold a maximum of 12 people on board. On all of our ferry punts there are both back and seat cushions for added comfort, however customers would need to be able to sit with their legs out directly in front of them with a backrest. Cushions have been created with comfort in mind with a double depth design to keep your bum comfy. There are additional items such as blankets and umbrellas that will be featured on the punt to make your experience as enjoyable as possible regardless of the weather conditions. 

Punting in Cambridge support for guests with disabilities 

As well as assisting with getting into and off the punt, our team have come up with another extremely helpful tool to make punting as accessible as possible. The Cambridge Tours App will help those who are hard of hearing enjoy the famous historic tour that is normally provided by our punting tour guides. The app is GPS led with a few action buttons along the way so people can read the tour script and follow the pictures of the sights whilst being punted downstream. This app is free to all customers of the Traditional Punting Company, and information on how to download this tool will be featured on the booking confirmation once a booking has been made online.  

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Dog Friendly punting

Dogs are also included in the ‘all’ who can enjoy punting, being a man and a woman’s best friend we do not want them to miss out. Assistance dogs are an essential part of a person’s life and are always welcome on board to give their person all the support needed for their punting trip. Dogs come on board free of charge and will be greeted with open arms from all our staff. The size of the dog could alter the booking, so please do contact us before completing a purchase online to make sure the space dedicated to your group is big enough. 

All ages can join chauffeured punt tours

There is no age limit to join one of our guided tours of the ‘College Backs’. It is good to note that anyone under the age of 16 does need to be accompanied by an adult and a baby in arms under the age of one is not counted in numbers. Lifejackets are also available for children upon request. So from the young to the eldeery, punting is an activity that is open to everyone to enjoy

Other useful information

  • For full details and maps of how to reach us, please see the find us section of our website. Alternatively, you can plan your journey by car or public transport using a journey planning website; simply enter your postcode and ‘Traditional Punting Company’, to get directions.
  • The nearest railway station is Cambridge, which is approximately 3km away (a half hour walk). Taxis and buses are available at the station
  • Shop mobility – If you have a temporary or permanent mobility problem, then you can use a scooter or wheelchair for free to help you during your visit to Cambridge. These must be booked in advance and you can find out more information here: 
  • The nearest parking facilities are the Grand Arcade and the Grafton, however they’re both around a 800m walk (approximately 13 minutes) to our punting location. You may wish to use the pay and display on Chesterton Road (under 200m) or at Pound Hill (under 300m). 
  • Free blue badge parking is available in Cambridge – for further information please visit the Cambridge City Council website 
  • Passengers can also be dropped off near to our location, just outside La Mimosa Restaurant on Thompsons Lane (under 10m).
  • Mobility scooters, pushchairs, and prams can be stored at our check-in desk. 
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Book Cambridge Punting

To save money and guarantee both your departure date and time you would need to book online. During the online booking process you would select the type of punt tour that would best suit your group or occasion together with the departure date and time. Both availability and pricing is visible online with bigger savings during off peak times. If booking online is not an option for you, then you can also book over the phone on 01223 782306 and receive the same discount if you were to book online. Our friendly sales team is also available to answer any questions you may have about your visit to Cambridge.


Punting in Cambridge is one of the top-rated activities to do whilst visiting the city and we want to make sure that punting is accessible to as many people as possible. Guided punt tours along the Cambridge river are a memorable experience not to be missed. If you are uncertain whether you would be able to access our Cambridge punting tours then please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can provide a service for you or see here for further information.

Posted on May 7th, 2022, by the Traditional Punting Company