Punting in Cambridge Nature Booklet

Welcome to a captivating journey through the historic waterways of Cambridge with the Traditional Punting Company’s latest offering – the Cambridge Nature Activity Booklet. This year-round children’s guide is crafted to enrich the traditional punting experience by blending education with entertainment, highlighting the exquisite natural and architectural beauty of Cambridge.

Building on the success of our annual Punt and Hunt events, we recognised a unique opportunity to create a comprehensive, engaging activity booklet. This guide allows children and families to explore the natural environment of Cambridge throughout the year. As you punt along the River Cam, you’ll be surrounded by stunning scenery. Despite the bustling tourist crowds and the architectural grandeur of the university, nature seamlessly integrates itself, providing a peaceful glimpse into the rich ecosystem at the heart of the city.

As the world continues to battle the climate crisis, it is so vitally important to teach our children the importance of preserving and respecting the earth. We created this booklet in the hopes that this will be a helping hand along the way. Who knew education could be so fun?!

Children smiling and holding up nature activity booklets while seated on a punting tour along the River Cam in Cambridge. The backdrop features the iconic King's College, with the chauffeur's legs visible in the foreground

Enhance Your Experience with the Cambridge Nature Activity Booklet

Make your next punting tour on the River Cam truly unforgettable by adding our specially designed Cambridge Nature Activity Booklet. Suitable for children aged 4 to 11, this booklet is filled with over 15 engaging and educational activities suitable for all ages. Some activities foster independent discovery, while others are perfect for family collaboration, offering wonderful learning opportunities.

“When we added the Nature Activity Booklet to our punting tour, not only did the kids have a blast, but we also loved seeing them learn about the environment in such a fun way!” – Emily, visited April 2024 during the trial of the booklet.

As you book your tour online, choose either a shared or private experience and easily add the Nature Activity Booklet for just an additional £3 per child. This nominal fee includes a vibrant set of colouring pencils, perfect for completing the booklet’s activities and expressing creativity during your tour.

Upon boarding your punt, you’ll be handed the booklet and pencils, setting the stage for a day rich with discovery. Dive into puzzles, mazes, word searches, and more, each designed to enlighten and entertain. Your children will gain insights into the local wildlife and ecosystems, learning the crucial role they play in our world.

“Observing the kids engaged with the puzzles and pointing out the swans and cherry blossom from the booklet made our family outing especially memorable. It’s a fantastic way to connect with nature and each other.” – Mark, visited April 2024 during the trial of the booklet.

As you glide along the historic University College Backs, be prepared to encounter a diverse range of wildlife. Keep an eye out for herons, kingfishers, and Canada geese, to name just a few. It’s essential to practise ‘leave no trace’ ethics during your tour—respect the river’s inhabitants, avoid feeding the wildlife, and use the provided bins for your rubbish.

Don’t just book a tour—book an educational adventure! The Cambridge Nature Activity Booklet isn’t merely an add-on; it’s a passport to a richer, more engaging experience. Explore, learn, and create lasting memories with your family against the stunning backdrop of Cambridge’s historic river.


School group on a chauffeured punt tour in Cambridge, smiling and proudly displaying their completed wildlife activity booklets. The students are engaged and happy, showing off their work as part of their educational school trip

Explore Beyond the Punt: Discover Cambridge’s Kid-Friendly Activities

With your Nature Activity Booklet in hand during our punting tours, why not extend your exploration on land? This guide isn’t just for your river journey; it’s a passport to discovering all that Cambridge has to offer, including the enchanting Dinky Doors and various kid-friendly activities throughout the city.

Dinky Doors

Dinky Doors are miniature sculptures dotted around Cambridge. These magical portals to other worlds are hidden just out of plain sight. We’ve dedicated a page in the booklet to help you find these wonderful creations. At the time of writing there are fourteen doors scattered around Cambridge.

Dinky Doors are on a mission to save the world; ‘the anecdote to the seemingly endless terrible news that we are inundated with on a daily basis … we firmly believe that dinky things, discovered unexpectedly, can deliver dollops of delight that can defend against the daily onslaught of miserable miserableness.’ And that is just what they do!

A school girl laughing joyfully, with a close-up focus on her as she sits with the nature booklet on her lap. The serene waters of the River Cam in Cambridge form a tranquil background.

Kid friendly activities in Cambridge

There are endless activities in Cambridge to keep your little ones entertained. We are very lucky to live in a city where such a high calibre of education is easily accessible to the public and all age groups. The annual Cambridge Festival gives everyone the opportunity to attend free talks, in person events, and family workshops that cover the leading research that takes place at the University of Cambridge.

Art and sculpture trails around Cambridge have become quite common in the last few years. We’ve had ‘Cows about Cambridge’ in 2021, and in 2022, we had “Cambridge Book Bench trail” as well as ‘Our Place in Space’. This year the city has welcomed 31 beautifully decorated Giraffes, all to raise money for local caregivers in and around Cambridgeshire. This trail is on until the 2nd of June.

If you are looking for the perfect activity for a rainy day, then Cambridge’s very own Clip and Climb is an excellent place to spend an afternoon. Each slot has a 30 minute safety briefing and then 55 minutes of pure climbing fun.

Children from a family joyfully reaching up to grab leaves while enjoying a chauffeured punting tour under leafy trees along the River Cam. The chauffeur, visible in the background, skillfully uses a pole to propel the punt forward. The children are smiling and laughing, immersed in the lively experience

Punting Tours in Cambridge

A day out in Cambridge would not be complete without one of our top-rated 50-minute guided punting tours along the picturesque college backs. Our tours run throughout the year and are the ideal way to fully indulge in the beauty and nature that Cambridge has to offer. The seasons on the river are spectacular, and it is a privilege to call the mile stretch of the College Backs our office.

Are you ready to turn a simple day out into a comprehensive exploration of Cambridge? Add the Cambridge Nature Activity Booklet to your punting tour and unlock the full potential of this historic city. Whether it’s spotting wildlife on the river, tracking down Dinky Doors, or learning at the city’s museums, the booklet is your guide to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Cambridge. Book now and prepare for a day filled with exploration, education, and fun.

Posted on May 16th, 2024, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor