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Winter Punting

We’re huge advocates of punting all year round, but you may need some convincing that going punting in winter, especially in February, is the best time to get out onto the river. The city is undeniably beautiful during the winter, and the river is at its quietest. Punting with friends and loved ones down a glassy river on a frosty day can mean so much more than just a trip out. So, don’t let the cold weather or fear of rain put you off, for February might just bring you the best punt tour of all.

Why punt in February?

Even though travelling in February is generally much cheaper than at other times of year, you can still be assured that the city of Cambridge is at it’s quietest. Why? Well, for a start, a lot of the students are in full exam mode so they’re busy studying in their college rooms and libraries. And during the February half term, many students go home for a little respite from the stress of university.

Because the city is considerably less busy in February than other months, river traffic on the Cam is at its lowest, too. Take a look at our winter page for more information and more great reasons to punt in February.

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Valentine’s punting

The main special date with which to break the monotony at this time of year is Valentine’s day. If you’re stuck for Valentine’s day ideas, then why not try  our valentines package or a romantic punt tour for two with some additional extras? The crisp air provides the perfect excuse to cuddle up close to someone special, while the experience of taking in the wintry beauty of Cambridge and sharing a blanket is sure to create unique memories for the two of you.

The nights draw in earlier during winter, making February an ideal time to take one of our evening tours. Join us for a candlelit punting tour along the River Cam and listen to the tales of the city as you bond over this incredible experience at dusk.

Looking for a romantic dinner spot to adjourn to after your tour? Our punts moor on the corner of Jesus Green just a short walk down from Quayside, which is home to a fantastic array of restaurants, so you can hop straight off the punt and stroll to your dinner reservation just yards away.

A few of the local places to which we like to retire after a hard day’s punting are The Tipsy VeganGalleria or Thaikhun.

romantic punting in Cambridge with a couple under a blanket sitting on a traditional wooden punt

Other events in Cambridge during February

February has the benefit of a half-term school holiday falling in the middle of the month. This means that there is always a vast array of activities and events taking place throughout the city, to amuse those who are having a rare break from their studies. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the unusual mix of a quiet tourist season and an exciting variety of events happening in the area.

A great example of this is the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival. This takes place throughout the city and uses light to tell stories, inspire and amaze. The festival takes inspiration from both art and science, fusing these to create dazzling light shows for tourists, locals and students alike. Why not combine this illuminating event with an evening punt around the very city that inspired those stories?

If lights aren’t your thing, then check out What’s On in Cambridge to discover many more exciting activities going on in the city during your visit. Of course, if you have something in particular that you’d like to try, then please contact us. We’re happy to make your visit to Cambridge one that stays with you, and either our team or our affiliates will strive to make your dreams a reality.

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Posted on February 1st, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company