Punting with Kids

Family Friendly Punting Tours in Cambridge


Are you looking for something fun and exciting for the whole family? Something that engages both the kids and the parents? Look no further than a punting trip down the River Cam with the Traditional Punting Company. 

We know that parents may worry about their littles ones safety on board, so we are here to answer some punting questions you might have to put your minds at ease. so you can relax and enjoy your day punting in Cambridge with your kids – without the stress.


Punting Cambridge – What is it? 

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Synonymous to Cambridge, Punting is one of the best activities Cambridge has to offer (even if we do say so ourselves!). A punt is a flat bottomed boat that is guided along a river. Furthermore, a pole is pushed manually against the river bed to propel the boat along. Punting first came about in the nineteenth century. Since its sole purpose being to transport cargo. Therefore, the punt quickly became a popular vessel. As it is widely considered an extremely smooth and safe form of transportation. Arguably though, it wasn’t as popular in the nineteenth century as it is now! 

Now you know a little more about what punting is, you’re probably wondering what a punting trip with kids looks like with the Traditional Punting Company. 

Punting in Cambridge with Children

The first thing to note as a parent  is that there are no toilet stops along the way on our 50 minute chauffeured punt tour. Therefore,we recommend to all families to make use of the public toilets. The toilets are situated either on Jesus Green or Quayside before boarding the punt. On the day we suggest arriving at our landing stage ten minutes before your allocated departure time. Once there you will be greeted by one of our lovely team members.

They will guide you and your little ones onto the boat safely when your tour is ready to depart. We do provide life jackets for children that can be requested in advance. Also, pushchairs can be left at our landing stage. If you would like a life jacket for your little one/s, then just contact us after you make your punting booking online.  So we can ensure that this is available to your family when you arrive on the day. If leaving a pushchair/pram/stroller at our check-in area whilst you are out on tour; Then these items will be left at your own risk as we are located in a public space.


Safe punting, Happy kids

Our Chauffeur explaining the story behind bridge of sighs to kids


When out on the River Cam, it is very important to remember to keep your hands and legs inside the boat at all times. A safety briefing will be given at the beginning of every tour by our highly trained punt chauffeurs. We know how tempting it can be on a warm summer’s day to trail your fingers through the water for a light refresh. However due to the volume of other punts users on the river, it can be unsafe to have your limbs outside the boat. Therefore, when punting with kids, no matter how tempting.

Please remember that they can observe the wildlife from a distance but there can be no reaching out of the boat to pet any animals. You can always check out our guide to punting article here for more information. Once on the water there is an abundance of things to keep both you and your children entertained. You’ll be cruising along the River Cam with our top-rated chauffeurs at the helm. Our Chauffeurs will be offering a guided tour of the history of the Colleges, sights, and buildings that you’ll pass. In addition to the local knowledge of Cambridge and its past. 

So what can children see during a Cambridge punting tour? 

Wildlife during a punting tour in Cambridge


The college backs are iconic, famous in fact. They include some of the most recognised sights of Cambridge that are only accessible by river. Regardless of this beauty and splendor, we know from experience that wildlife. This definitely grabs the attention of our younger customers on board. Here in Cambridge we are very lucky to have a plethora of different species to notice on the river. One of the most common sightings we have are Swans and their Cygnets.

Did you know that swans have their own constellation? Cygnus, which is the latin word for Swan. Alongside Swans you will see plenty of Ducks and Moorhens. If you’re lucky you might even spot Kingfishers, Herons and Dragonflies. So when you are punting with your kids, have a go at counting how many species of wildlife you can see. We hope you don’t forget the duck food.


 Scavenger Hunt for kids Punting

For those of you whose children, perhaps would like something to complete whilst on board. If you want to continue the fun with a post punting activity. We recommend you to give it a go to our scavenger hunts.  These can only be purchased in conjunction with a punting tour (both shared and private) and are suitable for all ages. For those of you with younger children, our themed Easter, Christmas and Halloween scavenger hunts.

We made sure to include games, puzzles and questions to keep them entertained all throughout the trip. If you have older children who would like to instead take photos and enjoy the historical tour, they can complete a scavenger hunt after the tour with  our classic hunt.

As, this scavenger hunt is based around Cambridge City center and includes 3 question rounds, photo challenges & a collection task. By completing this Scavenger Hunt you will spend 2 hours discovering interesting facts about Cambridge; and finding some hidden gems whilst passing some of Cambridge’s most famous sights. So why not split your family up into teams to see who comes out on top in this fun-filled outdoor activity.

Family Discounted Tickets

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Finding activities that are both suitable to your family and budget can be difficult. So we at the Traditional Punting Company, wanted to make punting something that can be enjoyed by all. When booking a punting cambridge tour online, we offer the best rates for both private and shared tours. Our morning tours before 11 am when the river is at its quietest. This means families can take full advantage of the river without the crowds or the midday sun.

We like to think this is the right way to start their day out in Cambridge . We have also introduced a family punting ticket making our shared tours more affordable for those with children. Please note that when booking a punting tour, children under the age of one are classified as babes in arms. Whilst not being included in the head count, they are very welcome to come on board. But if you have any questions about booking a family punting tour then just contact us on 01223 782306; and talk with one of our friendly office team anytime between 9am – 5pm daily. 


Overall punting is an extremely safe activity. That means everyone in the family can enjoy this must do activity in Cambridge. Book in advance to get the best rates and secure your spot to avoid any disappointments on the day. Punting with kids is your first stop activity on your visit to Cambridge. 

Posted on June 12th, 2022, by the Traditional Punting Company