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Quayside is the indispensable heart of Cambridge life for both tourist and locals alike. This area of Cambridge was created through the redevelopment of one of the last traditional riverside industrial areas of the city. Most of the buildings that surrounds Quayside are owned by the College that is on the adjacent side of the river; Magdalene. To celebrate its new restored self a stone was incorporated into one of the buildings highlighting the date ‘1989’ as well as an old French motto, “Garde ta Foy” meaning “Keep The Faith”. Even though the buildings have no real historical significance, the area which has been created is beautifully set near the river, escaping the busy and historical Bridge Street. 

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The river cam is the main river that flows through Cambridge and connects to the Great Ouse. It is the middle section of the River Cam which you can see from Quayside and is the most popular for all visiting and living in Cambridge. In the summer you will catch lots of people sitting on the riverside, meeting up with friends and family. The bars and restaurants that surrounds the Quayside opens their doors for people to eat and sips their hazy afternoons away. It truly is a great place to spend your day or evening in such a cosmopolitan area. But with the change of seasons brings a different ambience and purpose. As we go into the colder months of November and December the bars turn into a cosy place to have a coffee after wandering the streets and the riverside which was once the meeting place for most in summer becomes a peaceful scenery for all to enjoy from the comforts of a cafe or punt. What’s more it is still as picturesque in winter as it is in the summer. So whatever your agenda or time of the year, the Quayside is the place to be. 

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The Quayside is also the home of seven punting companies that operate tours along the River Cam, showcasing the famous College ‘Backs’. As one of the top rated activities to do whilst visiting the historic city, many people come to the quayside to purchase a seat on one of these tours. One of the best ways to guarantee a spot is buying a prepaid ticket. As the cheapest option, you will secure a chauffeured punt tour in Cambridge without the worry. 

What are you waiting for take a walk to the Quayside today and explore this incredible area for yourself. 

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Posted on February 25th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company