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Reflecting on the previous year!

May 2021 be a good year

Posted by on December 30th, 2020.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

After what feels like six houndred years later, it is now finally time to close the 2020 chapter. Welcoming 2021 with brand new hopes and aspirations, with faith, may this year be kinder to us all.

We all know how difficult this year has been in so many ways, but there are still things that we should recognise and be grateful for this year. Therefore, we encourage you to think about the positive things that have happened to you throughout 2020. However big however small, as long as they were good for you they are valid. We hope you enjoy our brief reflection upon our past year:

Looking back at 2020

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Valentine’s Day Punting Tours

Before the 1st lockdown in the UK people were able to enjoy a cosy and personalised Valentine’s Day Punting tour. It is a fact that our Romantic Punting Tours for two are very popular, but February is always a record-breaker month. We always try to add something special for that lucky someone, whether it is flowers, or a gift voucher for a restaurant, our valentines tour always delights. In a year of difficulty being able to celebrate love with that special someone was an experience for all to remember… Did you know that we also help you plan your proposal tour? That’s right! We take care of sorting your booking as well as helping plan the right moment for it, so your day runs as smoothly as possible. If this is something you are looking to do in 2021 then let us know.

Punting At Home Challenge

During the first lockdown we tried many ways to keep our team spirit high. One  of these challenges included our ‘Punting at Home Challenge’ which saw our chauffeurs, cashiers, touts, office team and river manager getting involved. What started as a “I miss punting”, turned into everyone pretending to be punting from their own homes. To be honest, it turned out to be a quite a funny video, check it out for yourself.

Cambridge Tours – New Audio Tour

During this year we managed to launch our new audio app to both the Apple Store and Google Play. This app was designed to continue our highly rated service to all customers, offering an audible tour in English, Madarin and Cantonese (with more languages to come). This app was also as an essential resource for our comeback after the first lockdown when we had to implement perspex screens in-between rows on our punts which at times could impact the chauffeurs voice. We believe all customers should receive an informative, historical and engaging tour so our Cambridge Tours app does just that.

Covid-19 Comeback

We came back stronger than ever handcrafting PPE from up-cycled, biodegradable and compostable goods when reused and recycled materials were not possible as well as wipeable cushions. We introduced new health and safety guidelines as well as COVID measures to make sure both customers and staff remained safe whilst punting in Cambridge. We developed our new booking system which meant customers where communicated with throughout their booking process. Firstly from our friendly sales staff who made sure every customer was booked onto a specific departure time. To a messaging system which informed the customers when they needed to come to our meeting point for their tour to ensure social distancing was maintained throughout the experience. We couldn’t feel more thankful to our staff who came together to make our punting tours the safest they could possibly be. If you missed it, please take a look at the following video to see what we were up to during this time.

Summer Punting in Cambridge Tours

We were lucky enough to operate our chauffeured Cambridge Punting Tours safely during last summer. The river is a happy place to us all, including our customers, who book our relaxing outdoors tours as a unique experience to see the beautiful College Backs. The feedback we received from our customers this summer was fantastic! The reviews highlighted that everyone had such a lovely time onboard and we couldn’t feel any prouder about it.

Cheers to 2021!

Even though we all had to experience a second national lockdown in the UK towards the end of the year which meant we had to close once again, we are still thankful to all our customers who supported us, by postponing their bookings or purchasing one of our gift vouchers. These small gestures make a huge difference and it is incredible to see the amount of support for small local businesses during this time.

We, the Traditional Punting Company, would like to wish you all a happy new year, and we look forward to welcoming you onboard as soon as possible.