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Punting in Cambridge during COVID19

Punting in Cambridge is  one of the only experiences that offers the unique combination of 100s of years of history and architectural splendour which can only be accessed by boat. Boat trips in Cambridge are almost exclusively done in punts especially on the stretch of the river know as the ‘Backs’. The ‘Backs’ include seven Cambridge Colleges, nine Bridges and some of the most reconsigned sights in the city. The vessel of choice – a traditional wooden boat, is a flat bottom punt that is unique to the UK, and is hand propelled by a ‘punter’ or ‘chauffeur’ along the waters of the Cam. The punter will be showcasing you the delights of Cambridge all from a relaxing, traditional punt, whilst delving into the history of both Cambridge and its University.

Socially Distanced Shared Punting Tours

Socially Distanced Punting Tours are the best way to see Cambridge during COVID-19 at a reduced price. These tours allow customers to enjoy the full College Backs tour without paying the Private Tour price tag. One of the main difference is that customers will be sharing the boat socially distanced with other groups. This tour will be in place until further notice, so for now you get to enjoy your own private row or section on a boat for your group at the best price possible.

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FAQ about Distanced Shared Punting Cambridge tours

Q: How are the boats safely divided following health and safety guidelines?

A: Perspex screens have been installed onto each boat to safely separate the rows of seats when the minimum 1 metre distance cannot be met. We also sanitise the boats at the start of the day as well as the seating area after every tour – This safety measure has been taken away from September 2021 and will come back in place should restrictions be put back in place by the government.

Q: Is it mandatory to wear a mask on the boat?

A: Following current Government Guidelines, it is not mandatory to wear a mask onboard, is at the customers discretion. However, should you choose to wear one, you are more than welcome to. We have implemented all the necessary measures to make sure shared chauffeured punting is COVID-19 safe.

Q: Can I still bring food and drink onto the boat?

A: Yes, you can still bring food and drink onboard, but please remember to take your own rubbish with you. You can dispose of this in the bins provided near our landing stage on Jesus Green.

Q: Is the audio app free to download?

A: Yes, our app is completely free to download and our customers will be provided with a unique code upon request from the cashier or chauffeur which will allow you to activate the audio tour for free.

Q: Where will I be sitting on a shared punt tour?

A: Depending on your group size, you could be sat on a punt that has either 2 seating areas or 3 seating areas and there will be a maximum of four different households on the same boat. The purpose of these different designed boats are to provide customers with the most necessary seating arrangements so that they are sat with their friends/family members.
Please bear in mind that at all times no other members of a different group will be sat next to you on the same row, and you will be sat 1 metre plus away from another household. If you are unsure about your safety on a shared punt tour please call us to discuss any requirements you may have, we would be happy to help!

Q: We are two different households, how can we go punting?

A: If your group size is 9 or less you can come on a shared tour, you just need to inform us how many people are in each household so we can seat your group safely. If your group size is 10 or more you should opt for our Private Punting in Cambridge option – Since September 2021 you can book for multiple households without limitations.

Q: Why do I need to book a specific departure time?

A: To eliminate unnecessary queues and gatherings at our departure point, we are booking all customers onto a specific time slot throughout the day. We have also implemented a messaging system which means that customers can socially distanced themselves on the Green near to our departure point until they received a text message informing them that their tour is ready to depart.

Important logistics of our Shared Punting Tours

The seating arrangements on our shared punting tours have changed to fit the new government regulations and, as a company that prioritises customer safety above all else, we aim to ensure that our customers are kept as safe as possible whilst being able to have the most enjoyable punting experience.
The following information explains which types of boats we have, why we have them and what we are continuing to do to ensure customer safety and wellbeing.
Three Section Boats – these boats seat 12 people maximum and are divided into three sections. A front section, a middle section and a back section. The front section seats up to three people, the middle seats up to six people (2 rows of 3) and the back seats up to three people. Regardless of where you are seated, all customers will have the highest quality experience.
Two Section Boats – these boats seat 12 people maximum and are divided into two sections. A front section and a back section. The front section seats up to six people (2 rows of 3) and the back section seats up to 6 people (2 rows of 3).
The purpose of having these two options is so that customers are seated with those they are travelling with as well as being as comfortable and satisfied as possible.
We are constantly observing government advice regarding health and safety during Covid-19 and are consistently updating our procedures to ensure that our staff and customers are safe and happy during this evolving time.

Posted on July 19th, 2020, by the Traditional Punting Company