Spring 2022

Spring 2022 – Botanic Gardens


Spring is on its way! This means longer, sunnier days are ahead and they will be filled with the beauty of freshly bloomed flowers. And what better way to see what the new season has to offer than with a visit to the Botanic Gardens?


Cambridge, despite being a city, prides itself on its green spaces. With lots of parks and gardens the Botanic Gardens are a beautiful choice if you want to immerse yourself in nature. With over 8000 different species of plants you will not be short of things to look at.


The Cambridge Botanic Garden is divided into 30 different sections, each with their own piece of beauty:


Bee Borders:

Bee Borders is the place in the garden specifically cultivated to appeal to bees themselves. With specific plant life planted to entice bees by their scent, the Bee Borders section of the garden provides a wonderful habitat for the ever dwindling population of bees. So if you want to see some bees buzzing about this springtime then this is the place to be.




The Lake was man made in 1846 and acts as a nice contrast to all the plant life in the garden. Taking up one third of a hectare the lake is a large body of water and is home to not only some aquatic plants but also some animals, adding to the ecosystem of the gardens.


Main Walk:

The Main Walk guides you through the center of the botanic garden, from east to west. A wide gravel pathway will take you between the trees on a lovely walk through the gardens.


Scented Garden:

The Scented Garden is definitely the most fragrant aspect of the garden! The scented garden was built in 1960, and is a lovely combination of different scents that will stimulate your senses. The garden itself is built in a slight hollow, which was specifically designed to trap the scents of the surrounding scents.


Terrace Garden:

The Terrace Garden was originally the rock garden but over time the plantings developed to show the landscapes of New Zealand plants and their terrain. Lots of the plants have a spiky, shrub like appearance but there is a rich diversity in the plant life within the Terrace Garden that show off the New Zealand terrain.



Snowdrops are a main part of British Springtime and the Botanic Gardens have a dedicated walk so you can see them in all of their beauty this spring. With forty four different species of snowdrops blanketing the gardens you can take in the little beauties on a self guided walk. Just grab a snowdrop trail leaflet upon entry and it will guide you round the route.


There are so many other parts of the gardens for you to explore, with these just being some of our highlights, so head on over the the Botanic Gardens now to get that sense of steadily approaching springtime.

Posted on February 27th, 2022, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor