St Patrick’s Day in Cambridge

A guide to your St Patrick's Day Cambridge pub crawl to get to know the city and it's drinking scene better

If you’ve been wanting to get to know the pubs and bars of Cambridge better, this coming St Patrick’s Day is your perfect reason to. You can tell a lot about a city based on its pub scene; we have you covered with this guide to your St Paddy’s night in Cambridge full of local recommendations, insights into the best beers in town, and the perfect hangover cure – a punting tour in the fresh air with us the next morning

The Maypole

Located a minute away from Jesus Green, The Maypole is a local favourite to get your St Patrick’s evening going with your first pint. There is no shortage of options with up to sixteen real ales on hand pump, mainly focussing on local beers from smaller breweries. This family-run pub was recently decorated with gorgeous hand-painted Cambridge-esque wall murals. Through these paintings, you can get a glimpse of the exclusive views that you would have before you in real life on a punting tour with us across Jesus Green.

From the 16th to the 18th of March, they will be running a St. Patrick’s giveaway with chances to win exciting prizes.


The Cambridge Brew House

Next stop – The Cambridge Brew House is only a five-minute walk after you’ve finished the first round at the Maypole. You can sense the passion they have for the craft of brewery as soon as you walk in. It has that juxtaposing yet complimentary style of industrial meets modernity.

If you want a taste of how Cambridge does pubs – and therefore; St Patrick’s Day – try their range of drinks that pay homage to the city. Their Misty River pale ale, 4.2% with citrus hints, is themed after Cambridge punting – how appropriate!

Looking to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by going above and beyond a pub-crawl? The Cambridge Brew House also offers perfect experiences for pint enthusiasts. For only £15, the Cambridge Brew House will guide you through a brewery visit and tasting. Up for even more? Spend your St Paddy’s Sunday with their brew-your-own-beer experience. Each voucher costs £75 and would be smashing for a self-bought treat or gift for a loved one who is passionate about pints.

The Cambridge Tap

At this point in the festivities itinerary, it would be best to re-energise. Live music goes hand-in-hand with celebrating the Irish pub culture, especially in a place where the founder of the brewery emigrated from Ireland. Therefore, you should definitely watch the acoustic duo playing at The Cambridge Tap on St Patrick’s Day.

It’s located in central Cambridge right across from the beautiful Emmanuel College, an easy stroll from our other recommendations. You would never believe that this trendy bar used to be a bank back in the day thanks to its playful decor. Check out the beers they serve from the McCullen Brewery whose founder emigrated from Ireland in the 1700s; taste the Irish inspiration for yourself.


St Patrick’s Punting

Either start the festivities by having a drink on one of our punting tours or come along the next morning – there’s nothing better than fresh air to get that hangover easing off. Plus, Monday mornings are the prime time to go if you are after our cheapest tickets on offer.

Bring your own drinks on one of our punting tours, or, we can provide the following alcoholic beverages to get the celebrations going:

Prosecco Vino Spumante, 75cl (10.5 ABV) – £25

This Prosecco boosts delicate notes of lemon and white stone fruit. This elegant Prosecco is made in the Veneto region of Italy, 30 kilometres northeast of Venice.

Paul Langier Champagne Brut , 75cl (12.5 ABV) – £45

The exquisite blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes offers ripe fruit notes with a biscuity finish. This stylish dry wine comes from the Belle Epoque estate of Champagne Gardet in Chigny-Les-Roses.

Belle and Co Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé 75cl – £15 per bottle

A sophisticated zero alcohol sparkling, made using a unique non-alcoholic fermentation method with green tea.

Brew Dog – Punk IPA, 330ml (5.4 ABV) – £4.00

This light, golden classic has been subverted with new world hops to create an explosion of flavour.

Birra Moretti – Premium Lager , 330ml (4.6 ABV) – £4.00

Authentically Italian quality lager brewed with passion and the finest ingredients.


What do adults do on St Patrick’s Day? 

Typically, you might set aside the night to enjoy British drinking culture, but that’s not the only way to go about it. You could pay homage by dressing up in green and doing anything with friends that makes you happy. As long as you create lasting memories – how can you go wrong? Just to note – we are very excited to see lots of green on Sunday the 17th of March when people show up for our punting tours, give us your best!

What activities can you do for St Patrick’s Day?

Meet up with the people you can share the fun moments with to have an evening together at your local pub. You can get creative with it – whoever dresses up in the least green has to buy the first round.

How do you make St Patrick’s Day special?

Tailor it to you. If you’re a lover of cinema, you could watch quintessential Irish movies. If you’re a foodie, you could cook up a traditional Irish meal. If you have kids in the family, you could plan a crafts activity. If you are a bar or pub frequenter, celebrate with a drink or two… or three.

How do you throw a St Patty’s Day party?

Surely any St Patrick’s Day party requires a dress code. Whether it’s simply dressing gleaming in green, drenched in the rainbow colours to attract a leprechaun, rocking the Irish flag colours or patterned in shamrocks, there are plenty of ways to look Saint Patties ready for a party.

Posted on March 12th, 2024, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor