Sustainable activities in Cambridge

Sustainable Cambridge


As climate change escalates, we all search for sustainable ways to live and enjoy life. Furthermore, green living is becoming increasingly popular with ways and modes to decrease our carbon footprint.

Cambridge is an environmentally friendly city that can be enjoyed profoundly with little to no Carbon footprint whatsoever.

Cambridge Walking




Cambridge is definitely one of those places where walking is quite an entertaining activity. Our little city has a rich cultural history and an abundance of parks, museums, colleges, and landmarks. As you amble along the cobbled streets, and river banks you’ll be in awe of the city’s grandeur and beauty. You can even book yourself in for a walking tour and get a deeper understanding of the history of this ‘university town’.  Stride Cambridge offers walking tours that are conducted by local blue badge tour guides. They know the city like the back of their hands. After all, this historic city has so many secrets, hidden spots and anecdotes.  You will also listen to the pranks Cambridge university students pulled in addition to their most significant discoveries. There is no way better than to explore the city than on foot and relax in one of many green spaces throughout Cambridge. Take in the sights and atmosphere at your own speed and make sure you take pictures as you go. Of course we can not forget about the Cambridge Botanic garden. This green space has all sorts of entertaining activities from apple picking to workshops. They currently have a wreath-making workshop that you can sign up for with your friends.

Eco friendly – Punting in Cambridge

Punting is synonyms to Cambridge with both locals and tourists participating in this quintessential Cantabrigian activity. No one can Visit Cambridge without stepping foot onto a traditional punt. There is no better way to explore the city than relaxing on a chauffeured punting tour of the College Backs, with a trained expert at the helm guiding you along the river Cam. Take in the sights on a VisitEngland Rose Marque tour to soak up the atmosphere of the exclusive riverside Colleges, pass by private gardens and admire sublime bridges. This 50 minute experience is a sightseeing trip to be remembered.




Punting is an eco-friendly and sustainable activity which does not use any gas or fossil fuels to operate. Punting only requires your body strength and a punting pole, better known as a quant to push the boat forward.  Most people view punting as an easy water-based skill whilst watching trained professionals, however this certainly is not the case.  To get the most out of your time in Cambridge opt for a guided punting tour and relax on board as a chauffeur navigates you along the college backs. You can have a go at punting in Cambridge at the end of a private tour should you choose to. Check out our blog on how easy it is to go punting in Cambridge.


Another great sustainable activity that is also proven to be beneficial for your health and well-being is wild swimming (especially in cold water). Since Cambridge is located on a large river there are a few places that one can take a dip. From Grantchester to Milton Country park, can take your swimmers and plunge straight into wild swimming in Cambridge. There are a few societies and clubs in Cambridge that offer guided sessions and advice before taking your first dip. Nothing can beat being in nature and embracing the cold waters as we approach winter.

Sustainable Picnic

Why not opt for a picnic in a park or on a punt. As highlighted earlier there are a wide variety of parks on every corner. From Jesus Green to Parker’s piece.  You can watch the cows as they eat the grass or the rowers of Cambridge university training on the River Cam.


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Picnic punting is extremely popular for those visiting Cambridge who want to experience the city to its fullest. Whilst appreciating the beauty of the College Backs you can also enjoy some freshly made produce from local, independent eateries. The luxury afternoon tea option is a quintessential experience in itself, enjoying the delights of a scone with clotted cream and jam, on board a traditional punt does not get much better. With the picnic presented in a recyclable box, with wooden cutlery and glasses bottles it ticks all the boxes for a sustainable lunch or mid afternoon treat (except the clotted cream pot which unfortunately is plastic).



Cambridge is widely known in Britain as a cycle city with one out of three residents cycling to work it has the highest percentage of cyclists in the nation.

Cycling is a fast, inexpensive, and pollution-free mode of transportation, which is perfect for a small, flat city, like Cambridge. With multiple bike routes around the city, it makes cycling the preferred choice of transport to get from A to B. You can even hire a bike if you just visiting Cambridge for the day or weekend to explore the city as locals. Whats more, a high percentage of bike routes bypass breathtaking scenery and sights, with greenery on one side and the river on the other. Renting a bike can be as cheap as £17.99 for a full day from Rutland cycle hire. Or alternatively you could hire an electric bike or a VOI scooter, but we recommend a manual bike as they are more sustainable.


We hope this guide has provide some helpful information on the sustainable activities you can get up to on your visit to Cambridge. Being a green city that’s working towards becoming more sustainable it is a great place to enjoy without leaving a trace on the planet.

Posted on October 14th, 2022, by the Traditional Punting Company Editor