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At the Traditional Punting Company we recognise that finding fun family activities that all age groups can enjoy is difficult to achieve. Not to mention the challenge of finding ones that are reasonably priced. With our family discount punting tour you can be sure that the whole family will enjoy punting along the river Cam at the best rate. Punting in Cambridge is the perfect activity for a family day out and is completely safe for children of all ages.

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  • Your tour will last approximately 50 minutes
  • This ticket is valid for up to 6 people (maximum of 2 adults).
  • This ticket is for a private section on a shared tour.
  • Book your departure time online.
  • Children of all ages are welcomed onboard.
  • Children under the age of 1 are classified as a baby in arms, so are not included in numbers.
  • Life jackets available for children on request.
  • Prams & Buggy’s can be left at our check-in desk.
  • Perspex screens have been added to our punts, where required, for social distancing.

This Family Discount Punting Tour gives families the opportunity to come punting in Cambridge at a discounted rate compared to our normal shared punting tour tickets.

Family punting Cambridge


Whether it’s gliding alongside the local wildlife such as swans, ducks and Canada geese or listening to the narration of our informative tour guides who tailor their tours to every age group, this trip is a must. We are now offering a ticket for our shared tours just for families at the most affordable rate. You will see all of the delights the “Backs” have to offer as you travel one mile through the famous Cambridge university campus. The sights include seven Cambridge colleges and nine bridges with all of the architectural splendour afforded to you on our Cambridge punting tours.

We, at the Traditional Punting Company, would recommend families to depart earlier on in the day to receive an even bigger saving. The morning departures are perfect for those early risers, who want to kickstart their visit to Cambridge with the most iconic and top-rated activity the city has to offer: punting. Our morning trips are tranquil and picturesque, allowing for stunning views of the scenery without the crowds. If a shared tour is not what you are looking for then make sure to check out our Private Punting page for more information.

Discounted Punting in Cambridge


Every measure has been taken to ensure family punting is a wonderful and safe experience. We have introduced extra cleaning procedures in between tours and our boats are fitted with Perspex screens where social distancing is not possible. We have also implemented a text messaging service to notify your family when we are ready for you to board your punt. This allows you to enjoy Jesus Green Park whilst you wait for your message telling you that your boat is ready. All of this allows for a socially distanced, clean and safe punting experience.

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Punting Prices:

Family Punting Prices

Family Punting Weekday Weekend
Up to 6 people (max 2 adults) £30 - £45 £35 - £60
Family Punting Weekday Weekend
Up to 6 people (max 2 adults) £35 - £45 £45 - £75
Family Punting Weekday Weekend
Up to 6 people (max 2 adults) £45 - £75 £60 - £90
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