Tastings on the Cam

Delicious tastings on the College Backs

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Introducing our newest event, Tastings on the Cam.

We have invited local businesses to join us onboard to showcase their specialities. These unique events are not to be missed, especially as we have the best backdrop in the city, the college backs.

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Food, Wines and Cocktail Punting in Cambridge

We are expanding our punting events in Cambridge with food and drink tastings to take place on board our punts. Discover delectable flavours, from fine wines to gourmet bites. Immerse yourself in a culinary paradise, mingle with fellow like-minded people, and ignite your taste buds. Secure your spot now for an unforgettable gastronomic experience in Cambridge.

Beer Tasting in Cambridge

The next tasting event this year is brought to you on the 8th of September by BrewDog – a global brewery known for its innovative craft beers.

Delve into an exquisite selection of exceptional beers, meticulously curated for their quality and unique flavours. With the guidance of BrewDog’s expert representatives, discover the intricate process of beer-making, from ingredients to brewing techniques. Learn about the distinct flavour notes and profiles of each beer, all while experiencing the art of pairing beer with artisanal cheeses. Elevate your palate as you explore the harmonious interplay of flavours. Book now to experience BrewDog’s famous beer school with a twist.

All of the tasting events will start at 6:45pm, at our punting departure location on the corner of Jesus, so join us on board for some of the most memorable tastings you’ve ever had.

Tastings on the Cam Tickets

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A perfect evening of food & drinks

Wine, Cider & Cocktail Punting Cambridge

Exquisite Alcohol Selection: Savour the finest drinks from around the world, carefully curated to please even the most discerning palates. From cool ciders to sparkling sensations, our events promise a delightful tasting experience that all will appreciate.

Delectable Food Pairings: Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of flavours as our experts create and offer food pairings that perfectly complement each alcohol selection. From artisanal cheeses to succulent charcuterie, and delectable desserts, every bite is a gastronomic adventure.

Breathtaking Riverside Venue: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the River Cam as you indulge in the flavours of our event. The tranquil setting, with its gentle waters and lush surroundings, provides the perfect backdrop for an enchanting food and drink tasting experience.

Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable experts will guide you through each tasting, sharing insights on profiles, food pairings, and the art of enhancing flavours. Expand your knowledge and appreciation for the intricate world of food and drink.

Networking and Connections: Connect with fellow food and drink enthusiasts; create meaningful connections, share your passion and exchange recommendations.

Limited Tickets Available: Secure your spot early to avoid disappointment. Join us for this extraordinary wine and food tasting event on the River Cam in Cambridge. Reserve your tickets now to ensure you don’t miss out on this gastronomic extravaganza.

Unleash Your Palate in Cambridge: Get ready to savour an unforgettable food and drink tasting experience at our exclusive events on the River Cam. Indulge in the art of pairing exquisite wines, cocktails, ales and ciders with delectable culinary creations, surrounded by the natural splendour of Cambridge. Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge your senses and discover new flavours in a picturesque setting.

Beer and Wine Tasting Cambridge

Sip and Savour

Experience a culinary extravaganza at our food and drink tastings events in the vibrant city of Cambridge. Indulge in a wide array of delectable dishes and beverages, carefully curated to ignite your taste buds. From exquisite wines to craft beers, artisanal cheeses to gourmet delights, savour the flavours that Cambridge has to offer. Join us along the river for a food and drink tasting like no other, mingle with fellow food enthusiasts, and discover the finest culinary creations. New dates will continue to be released, so if you didn’t catch one of our events, keep an eye on this page for future ones. Due to the intimacy of these punting events, limited tickets are available, so reserve your spot now to embark on a gastronomic journey at these unforgettable food and drink tastings on the river Cam.

We also offer tickets to a range of other special events throughout the year, including Music on the River, where you can sit back and relax on one of our punts while listening to a variety of musical performances. You can also find punting tours for hen parties, corporate events and large groups. Don’t miss out, and book online to secure the best rates.

[Please note that we do go ahead in poor weather and tickets for this event are non-refundable]


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