Town and Gown Pub and Theatre

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Town and Gown Pub

Town and Gown Pub and Theatre, a brand new, contemporary and exhilarating theatre has just landed in the heart of Cambridge. The name Town and Gown takes into consideration the two main parts to the population in university towns, being of either the town, or university communities. The metaphor dates back to middle ages but became even more popular during in the 18th century, a time when the city of Cambridge saw many university buildings being constructed.
Centuries later, the Town and Gown Pub, aims to increase the merging of these two communities, which seems a brilliant idea to put an end to this, nowadays not so evident, reality. Whether you are a local or an academic, this place is here to welcome each and every one of us as equal, in a space that allows plenty of room for conversations and thrill.

Inside Town and Gown Pub and Theatre

Not like many others, this Town and Gown Pub has the interesting particularity of having a theatre venue too. I don’t know what your thoughts are on it, but we consider it to be a genius move! Gathering a pub and a theatre within the same concept of uniting our community. Moreover, the fact that it is a pub (city like style) and a theatre (academic like style) combined, just emphasises the main concept of bringing together the town and gown communities of our lovely city.
Curious about their theatre venue? Well, let us enlightenment you by sharing that it contains a charming intimate space known as the Black Box Theatre. It also plans to put on many shows and wondrous experiences from the moment the doors open. As well as live bands, DJ’s and traditional piano sets. Theses all serve to ignite this mysteriously exciting venue and with it being brand new, you can expect quite the spectacle!
In regards to the pub itself, you can expect a hand picked drinks menu, including locally brewed beers and spirits and hand made cocktails. The seasonal food menus set the scene for an excellent dining experience, including a main menu and a pre-theatre menu. Town and Gown offer a mezzanine, available for private hire, and their balcony offers regal views over the venue. So, yes! They do indeed take bookings for private functions.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you are looking for something extra special this weekend? Or wondering where to enjoy a unique thriving evening? Town and Gown Pub and Theatre may be the answer! Show them your support, as a completely brand new venue. Or alternatively, check them out on social media to get an exclusive insight as to what people have said and seen at the extravagant pub and theatre.
Without further ado, as they so wonderfully put it, “Please take your seats, the performance is about to begin!”

Posted on October 3rd, 2020, by the Traditional Punting Company