Ukulele Simon – Music on the River

Special Event 2019

How would you imagine a perfect summer evening?

We think we found the answer to the above question: Music on the River with Ukulele Simon!

As it happened during a lovely evening, last Friday, while listening to Simon’s amazing voice and catchy covers. As revealed by the brilliant atmosphere and Simon’s delightful performance. Moreover it was also incredible to witness how diverse music genres can perfectly suit one singer and his ukulele(s).

Besides the weather for this event did not disappoint either. Hence the sun was setting beautifully in the background and the hazy summer evening created the best scenario for Simon’s stunning performance.

Simon’s Ukulele

Even though you could tell that Simon had fallen in love with the ukulele years ago, and apparently played the guitar too during a long time. In addition to his visit the Abbey Road studios to perform with finalists from ‘The Voice’. Notably, it is safe to say that his unique music has definitely enhanced all our guests onboard, hence everyone walked away with a smile on their face.

Once we could not thank Simon enough for agreeing to play for our Music On The River event this summer, so we hope to welcome Simon back on our boats again in the future.


Check out Music on the River with Ukulele Simon below:

Music on the River with Ukulele Simon | Traditional Punting Company

Moreover, we would also like to say a special thank you to The Punt and Pole, who provided the finest drinks to our guests during the evening. On the whole this lovely evening wouldn’t have been the same without Sebastian (a customer on board), who surprised us by playing the bongo drum during parts of Simon’s perfomance!

Clearly, as you can see Music On The River was an evening of fantastic music, the finest drinks, amazing scenery and brilliant company. Therefore we hope you could join us for one of our Music On The River events soon, the next one will be Roswell, a Folk Duo.


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Posted on August 28th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company