What to wear when punting

What to wear on a punting tour in Cambridge: a guide

You have many options regarding what to wear on a punting tour in Cambridge. In a casual and comfortable outfit, you want to look your best. For a punting tour, various styles will work well, so you’ll have no problem finding something to wear for your visit to Cambridge.

There is nothing more quintessential to Cambridge than taking a punt tour. You’ll get a unique perspective on some of the city’s most iconic sights as you glide through its scenic waterways. A Cambridge Punting tour will take you on a 50 minute journey into its history as you sightsee the breathtaking University buildings and grounds, all whilst your punter does the work for you.

So how should you dress for such an occasion? 

Choosing casual clothing for a punting tour

When visiting Cambridge, many tourists enjoy punt tours. Remembering comfort when deciding what to wear on a punting tour is vital. During the tour, you will spend all of your time sitting down – 50 minutes in fact. Therefore, you should wear comfortable and breathable clothing. T-shirts, light sweaters, shorts or light trousers are excellent options especially in summer. Bringing a jacket may be a wise choice to if the weather is cool. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen if you plan to spend time in the sun. There are umbrellas for customers to use on board if it does rain or you would like some protection from the sun, if this is the case then ask the river team when you check-in for your tour. 

Dressy punting clothing options

Dressing up for a punting tour is unnecessary, but many people enjoy doing so. It’s a special occasion, after all! So it’s okay to dress up. But, whatever you wear, ensure it won’t hinder your ability to move or sit comfortably. 

  • Dressing up for a punting tour can be as simple as wearing a summer dress. 
  • First, choose something light and airy that won’t be too hot to wear in the sun. 
  • Alternatively, you can wear trousers or khakis with a button-down shirt. 
  • If you are a Hen Party and you have a fancy dress theme, then ‘push the boat out.
  • And don’t forget to accessorise. Wear a cute pair of sunglasses or a sunhat to stay cool and protected from the sun. 
  • Last but not least, wear comfortable shoes. A good option for shoes is a pair of trainers or dressy flats. Ensure that whatever you choose will allow you to stand and walk comfortably – Cambridge is small in size which means most people choose to walk between activities and sights. So if you do choose a high heel as your footwear of choice then please note there are some cobbled streets that you may want to avoid. 


What not to wear on a punting tour in Cambridge

You should avoid wearing some things if you plan on taking a punt tour on the river in Cambridge. 

  • Don’t wear anything too restrictive. Whilst getting into or out of the punt, you are completing the action of sitting on the floor and standing up again so short or tight skirts might become tricky.
  • Anything that you do not want to get wet should be avoided. There is a slight possibility that you will get splashed by punt poles from river users when the river is busy. This happens very rarely but if you have an expensive item of clothing that you want to avoid getting marks or spills on, then maybe don’t wear this when you come punting. 
  • Not dressing appropriately for the time of year – in winter blankets are on board to keep you warm whilst out on tour, but dressing correctly for the weather is essential. Punting is an outdoor activity which means that you are expose to the elements. The change in seasons creates an incredible atmosphere and visual of the river but to make sure you are comfortable throughout the journey dress for the weather.

Tips for dressing appropriately on a punting tour

When choosing what to wear on a punting tour, you should consider the following:

  1. Comfort is key. You’ll be sitting down, so you’ll want to wear clothing that is both comfortable and breathable.
  2. You’ll want to dress for the weather. A few layers are recommended in case of unpredictable British weather.
  3. Ask us for a life jacket if you’d like one – please not they’re not compulsory.
  4. This isn’t an item of clothing but always remember your camera to take pictures whilst you are out on tour. The college backs are a sight to behold so you’ll want to relive your time on the river when you return home.

So if you want to dress to impress, go right ahead. But, first, ensure that whatever you wear won’t inhibit your ability to move around or sit comfortably. A punt through Cambridge is a memorable experience, so dressing up is only natural. Keep comfort in mind, and you’ll have a great time.

With these guidelines in mind, you should be able to choose the perfect outfit for your punt tour regardless of the weather or time of the year.

Posted on August 11th, 2022, by the Traditional Punting Company