Winter Punting in Cambridge

And the 5 Reasons Why!

Visiting Cambridge during the Winter Time?

Winter is one of our favourite seasons. There’s so much going on around the City Centre, with Christmas lights above and potentially some snow below, coating the cobbled streets and the tops of the iconic buildings of our historic city. And guess what? The most popular attraction: Punting in Cambridge. Punting is open all year round! For some of you, this might sound like a terribly cold idea. What you might not know is that punting during the frosty winter season, will be an unforgettable experience. And here are the 5 reasons why!

1. Comfort is key during winter!

During this time of the year we pay close attention to our punts, to ensure that we are providing our customers with a cozy punting tour experience. Making sure that our punts are dressed with dry blankest, and some extra ones to put over the top of you if desired. During rainy days we also offer umbrellas that can be used during the tour. Although none of this is an excuse not to come dressed in enough layers to keep you warm. Some good waterproof clothing, or some thermals are advisable to keep warm and comfortable.

Even after the previous recommendations, you might still think that spending 45min sitting on a punt could still be too cold for you, well, you could always bring some hot drinks with you for the ride! Some might rather bring a prepared hot flask from home, with others opting for the take away version. A lot of the local coffee shops and restaurants are located close by to our landing stage so, it is a great idea to purchase a hot drink or too (even some snacks) before boarding with us. As we all know winter rhymes with Mulled Wine and let’s be honest, where else should you be drinking your mulled wine rather than on a put passing through the best sights of Cambridge, with a blank on top of you? Don’t worry, alcoholic drinks are also accepted on board, so be happy!

2. Winter is as peaceful as it can be!

With the touristy season coming to an end, the cold weather brings a peaceful and quiet river bed, letting the stunning views talk for themselves without the chaos. Punting during this time of the year is indeed a more pleasant experience, no crashes with self-hires along the way, and no ‘rush hour river traffic’, which means you can plan your tour whenever suits you, without taking into consideration the busiest time on the river.

With the change of scenery, the cold climate brings a different atmosphere, it is definitely a time not to be missed. You will, for sure, leave with long lasting memories of an amazing day, and furthermore the best part of it all is the reduced ticket price the lower season brings. So punting in winter is a great time to go if you have found punting to have been bit too expensive during summer; what’s more tickets are even cheaper online than buying in person on the day.

Evening punting along the river cam in front of Queen's bridge

3. It’s Photographers Wonderland!

Winter lights are ideal for those of you seeking to get the best portraits of Cambridge, since you don’t have to avoid shooting at lunch time to get away from the sun’s strong rays. Punting during this time of year is the perfect chance for you to get a majestic shot of the architecture, scenery and wildlife, regardless of the time of the day. Photographers tend to consistently be looking for that extra ‘something’ to make a shoot stand out, to have some uniqueness, and the serenity of River Cam during winter is the crown jewel you might searching for!

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4. Lucky Strike

Who doesn’t like a bit of snow? You might be lucky enough to punt along in a wintery wonderland, with snow flakes falling as you go, or even better to get a tour just after the snow settled. What a unique experience! Punting along the white frosty grass of the fellow’s gardens, admiring the colleges under a shiny white layer, with the bridges appearing through the fog like magic.

Other interesting things to see when its snowing is peoples snowball fights, families building snowmen sculptures and some folks doing angels shapes on the cold floor. Let’s be honest, snow is the best part of winter!

5. Winter is definitely more romantic!

A first date can be quite daunting, you want to do something different which is romantic, well we feel we have the answer: punting! Let us explain why… Taking your date on a punting tour is a great way to get closer without making it weird. It might be cold, so you can share a blanket to keep and sit closer to one another to keep you both warm. And if it is still “cold”, then it is the prefect excuse for a cuddle whilst admiring the wonderful sights that stand tall along the River Cam, making it the perfect environment to be a successful date!

For that extra special date night, you could consider a private punting tour, sitting side by side, enjoying some mulled wine, celebrating a special occasion or simply to spend a magical moment together, all from the comforts of your own punt and chauffeur.

As you might have already noticed, we believe punting can be a unique and fun experience all year round. Don’t let the cold or rainy weather put you off; come and try it for yourself!

Cambridge is in fact a unique city in every season, so book your Winter Punting Tour today! (If you’d like a ticket on a shared punt tour please click here.)


“Its the most wonderful time of the year!”

Posted on November 13th, 2019, by the Traditional Punting Company